5 reasons why I love Computer Science

By Alfredo, MSci Computer Science

Computer Science is a vast and varied discipline – informatics has today invaded everything! From schools to hospitals, offices to airports, the military to banking, there is no place where a sound algorithm cannot help with everyday tasks and deliver a better service. Because of this ever-growing panorama, let me share with you the top five reasons as to why I am so intrigued by it!


1. You are the first to experience the future

If you have ever had an interest in Computer Science, you know how movies like Terminator always like to exaggerate the idea of a computer machine that could kill people and destroy humanity. While this makes a good plot, by studying computer science it’s exciting to know that you could for real assist in contributing towards the birth of Super Intelligent Machine (AGI) for the good of humanity! In fact, experts say that we could expect such level of knowledge by 2030 – 2045…wouldn’t it be cool, the idea of being friends with a robot?


2. You are the artisan of your own future

Remember that time when you were really looking for an app to do something (like an online equation solver for your A Levels..!), but you couldn’t find it? Guess what, you don’t have to wait for anyone anymore. Like a craftsman, you can take your tools and build whatever your heart most desires. You never know – one of your ideas could actually turn out be brilliant and worth investing in!


3. Computer Science loves lazy people

You might be thinking that if you are lazy, this field is not for you. Well, you are wrong. Are you not attracted by the idea of automating every tedious process that you really hate doing? Computer science provides lots of handy shortcuts – for instance, you can finally stop all the subscriptions to various website that send you tons of emails by just creating a script for it! Computer science has your back when it comes to tackling boring tasks.


4. You never stop learning

On the other hand, if you crave for knowledge and like learning new skills, this field will not bore you. There are so many frameworks and languages invented everyday for many different uses, that you will be spoilt for choice. You can become an expert in website making today, or a cryptography master the day after. There’s really no boundary!


5. Solving problems for society

Computer Science has many practical applications. Have you ever heard of the travelling salesman problem? It’s about a guy that, given a list of cities, has to visit them all using the shortest route before coming back to the original point. Problems like these are considered hard to solve, but through computer science, extremely satisfying in finding a solutions for. I am sure Amazon couriers would love your ideas.



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