Remote learning – a day in the life of a master’s student

Arindam Ghosh
By Arindam, MSc Robotics

At the start of 2021, I got my dream opportunity of studying a master’s degree in Robotics from King’s College London. Due to the global pandemic situation, I have started my studies at King’s online from the comfort and safety of my home in India. However, the support and resources provided through King’s Online Student Services and King’s Mobile Application has ensured a sense of belonging with the global King’s community; fostering the same amount of excitement, social connectivity, and focus that we all feel when starting a new class albeit in a virtual environment. Let me share with you, a slice of my daily life, since then.

It is early in the morning as I open my eyes to familiar surroundings. Turning off my phone alarm, I briefly contemplate on all the tasks and goals I had planned for the day.  After a quick breakfast, I have around two hours to study some lecture notes for the day’s set of classes which will be starting at 8am (UK time) and typically last for four hours. Connecting online through the KEATS page, our class starts with a brief general discussion, which helps us to settle in and get ready for the subject at hand.

Later in the afternoon after lunch, I try to tackle the daily quiz assignments for the module conducted, which helps me solidify what we’ve learnt effectively. Once completed, it is now time for some project literature studies, as I browse through various academic papers. I also enjoy preparing for technical projects, as they are a great platform through which we can apply all our academic learning in a real-life environment. Physical and mental wellbeing is equally important along with our academic studies, and so in the evening I usually take the opportunity to enjoy a long walk or indoor workout session. I also take a break to connect with my coursemates online, and we have constructive discussions and updates on the Yammer Page.

Being a master’s student requires strategic planning to make the most of your academic schedule – to stay on top of things does require meticulous planning and balancing studies with all other activities, but once it is achieved, everything is a breeze. The clock has struck eight in the evening now, and having finished my dinner, it is time for me to have another study session of two hours. Another day has now concluded, and time for me to sleep and get ready for the next day!


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