A day in the life of a Mathematics student

By Shambs, BSc Mathematics and Statistics

Life at King’s as a Mathematics student is entirely what you make of it! You are encouraged to be independent in your studies, and there are lots of resources and opportunities to make the most out of your degree.

Rise and shine

I normally start my day at 8am (apart from when I have the dreaded 9am lectures!) by having a nice hot shower, making me feel fresh and motivated to have a productive day. This is followed by a quick prayer and 10 minute meditation session to feel focused and alert.

Lectures, tutorials and skill sessions

During the week, I have lectures, tutorials and skill sessions. Each of these serve a different purpose. Lectures are to understand concepts, skill sessions are to apply concepts to questions and tutorials are to practice and discuss problems. My favourite part of the week are the skills sessions, because I find watching how an abstract concept materialises to solve a complex equation fascinating!

One of my lectures

Self study

Every module requires a fair amount of self study. Some concepts can take several tries to understand and practice is absolutely essential in Mathematics. So, I head to the many study spaces around campus for a couple of hours. This ranges from 1-2 hours on a regular day to 3-4 hours around exams. I use the 25-5 study technique, where I study for 25 minutes and then treat myself to a 5 minute break! My favourite study space is the K4 Computer Lab, because it’s spacious and airy with large windows letting in natural light. I’m from India, so I particularly enjoy the occasional London sunshine when I’m studying! 

Time to relax

I normally like to leave my evenings free (apart from exam periods) to prevent a burn out – doing all that maths through the day can really take a toll on you. Being a big movie buff, I like to watch a Bollywood movie, meet some friends for dinner or do some society work – basically anything which isn’t related to numbers! This is an important part of the day as it helps me relax and unwind so that my brain is ready for hard work the next day. 

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