What studying Chemistry is like at uni


By Sumaya Ahmed, BSc Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Chemistry, being the bridge between biology and physics, shows how important it is as a science from its different modules such as organic chemistry to physical chemistry. It can be challenging to tackle some modules, especially physical chemistry, as for someone who never had a physics background in A-Level, all these horrible looking equations can be too much at times – so this isn’t where I would say my strengths lie!  However, I get a lot of guidance in lectures and workshops to get enough knowledge to succeed to my full potential.

Then there come labs which I have for seven hours a week. I begin the day all geared up in my lab coat and goggles, after my struggle to wake up for 9am labs. Being honest, in my very first week in the labs I felt really giddy, like a child, just being in that uniform because I felt like a proper chemist and it was obviously a big upgrade from sixth form. Seeing how advanced the equipment was in the labs, with all the fume cupboards and spectra machines, and there was even a TV (I wasn’t even expecting there to be one, but I was really amazed thinking it’s probably where they show the demos of the experiments). I was wrong, but it still wowed me.

My favourite module from last year would have to be the maths module, which I really enjoyed. I would love to do another module on maths, but in chemistry, even without an extra module, maths is predominant with all integration and differentiation within the other modules. Someone who does have an A-Level in maths would excel in that and even if you haven’t, King’s do support sessions so other students don’t feel disadvantaged.

Generally, all students I’ve met on my course and in other years are really friendly and easy to get along with so anyone would definitely have a blast throughout the years.

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