How I found my scholarship


Favour Ajao, BSc Physics, Department of Physics

Money is always a big thing to consider when going to university. From tuition fees, to money for food, transportation, textbooks, stationery and social activities. As a migrant with limited leave to remain in the UK and having a fee status for an international student, my biggest worry was the tuition fees. Even if I were able to access student finance, the fees were way too much for student finance to cover. This scared me at the time, because it was going to be one of the biggest things preventing me from going to university.

After I got an offer from King’s, I was really excited and already looking forward to starting. To put my mind at ease about money King’s would send me lots of emails regarding scholarships I could apply for. There was a link to the scholarship page of the King’s website which had a lot of different scholarships and bursaries for many different types of people from different backgrounds and situations. I spent a long time reading through each scholarship carefully and seeing which one best suited my circumstances.

After exploring the scholarship page many times, I found the Sanctuary /Jesus the Light Sanctuary Scholarship which was specific to my personal circumstances and I applied. The application process was straightforward and I got frequent updates about the stages my application was at. The layout of the application was very clear and there was an email address if I had any enquiries about the application, or had other questions about funding in general.

It is always best to start looking early, as most of the scholarships have deadlines, which may be very early depending on the scholarship. I started looking around December, so I had lots of time to prepare my application, mine required a personal statement, before sending it off. In my personal experience King’s is one of the best universities at promoting scholarships and making them clear and accessible to students. They also have a huge variety of different scholarships, which cover a range of circumstances, I am grateful and very proud to be part of the King’s community, which tries its best to make university open and accessible to all backgrounds.

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