Life at King’s – When in and out of uni!


By Jamie Clifford, BSc Physics, Department of Physics

King’s offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, ranging from sports to tasting fine wine. I decided that when I came to university I would try a new sport, so I wandered around freshers fair and picked up almost every flyer for the sports societies. The final decision was between Cheerleading, Lacrosse and Fencing. I ended up playing lacrosse for the first term. It was thrilling to firstly be trained every week, and secondly, play matches against another universities. Being part of a sports team during university is always comforting because of the connections made, mostly on Wednesday night sports socials at Guy’s Bar.

Outside of university, I am an air cadet. I parade twice a week meaning I am kept busy and on my toes. On the squadron I learn how to shoot, do archery, use radios and I get to have a go on the flight simulator every now and then. I can also teach the younger cadets about RAF and ATC history, first aid and orienteering. Occasionally I partake in cadet weekends which are like camps. Sometimes they are on an actual military base and we get to use the obstacle course. Anyone can join the air cadets, making it diverse and a great way to meet new people.

During my second term, I opted for the ‘wake up, eat, revise, sleep’ routine meaning I stopped playing lacrosse with the university. However, I did engage more with the academic societies I was a part of. The Maxwell (physics) Society had a weekend away at Cumberland Lodge which was a break well needed. Hidden away in Windsor Park was our ‘too good to be true’ accommodation. A weekend full of walks in the park and talks on gravitational waves made for a happy Jamie. I am also part of the Women in Physics Society, which had an annual conference. It took a lot of planning, but it was worth it to see the inspired faces at the end. I have the President (who is also my Physics Mother) to thank for letting me into the societies committee when I was only a fresher.

So, what about next year? I currently hold the position for Social Secretary at the Maxwell Society and Treasurer for the Women in Physics Society. I also plan to try cheerleading and am excited for it.

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