Life at King’s – More than just a university

By Alicia Beylan, MSci Robotics & Intelligent Systems, Department of Informatics

When people ask me about what my life at King’s has been like, they expect me to just talk about my lectures and labs. What they don’t know is that there is so much more to talk about than just academic matters. King’s has an amazing community where it’s for sure that you will find people that have similar interests to you, other than degree-wise.

Whether you are a rugby player, a musical theatre aficionado or a tech enthusiast, there is always going to be a group for you. King’s offers 200+ student societies and clubs that you can join, and the best thing is that there is not a limit of how many you can be part of.

In my first year, I joined the Dance Society, the Mexican Society, Pole Fitness and the Tech Society. From all of them, the one that that I stayed part of for the longest, and where a few years later became President, was KCL Tech Society.

What was amazing about these societies is that not all the activities that they organise are only society-specific activities, they also have many socials where you get the chance to meet the other members and discuss topics that are not precisely society related.

Besides student societies and clubs, King’s also has great sports installations where, if you are a fan of the gym (not like me) you can go and exercise and do all the group classes that they offer.

If you are not into sports or student societies, the Student Union also offers a fantastic bar & restaurant: The Waterfront, where besides being able to have drinks with your friends, they organise activities such as pub quiz and bingo. And trust me, these activities are super fun when you are competing with 30 other people.

In the case that you are more into the academic side of King’s, the university offers undergraduate research fellowships that you can take part in during the summer, helping in a research project that can or not be related to your degree, helping you broaden your knowledge of different subjects.

When I started university, a close friend of mine told me to enjoy uni and not just focus in university but to try to do all the extracurricular things that it offered because I was going to enjoy it more and make life-long friends. How right she was!

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