Student life at King’s – Discovering London


By Puja Gurung, Msci Mathematics, Department of Mathematics

You will never have a dull day at King’s. From the sports clubs and societies run by the university’s student union to the infinite events that occupy the streets of London, life as a King’s student is truly spectacular. It gets to the point where you don’t have enough time to do all the things you want to do because you actually realise you’re here to study. It truly is a struggle not to get swallowed by London’s liveliness.

I, myself became a victim of this trap. As soon as lectures ended, I would either be poorly strumming my Ukulele with KCL Ukulele Society or shooting some hoops with the KCL Women’s Basketball team – I had something going on every evening. And of course there are a lot more choices; the student union at King’s offers over 200 societies and over 50 sports clubs you can be part of and if none of it is your cup of tea then you can always make your own society (as long as it is something rational of course).

Something I also find quite special about being a Mathematics student is that as soon as you enrol, you are automatically part of the KCL Mathematics society! The society organises events ranging from its traditional weekend excursion to Cumberland Lodge equipped with a different theme every year, to Wine & Pizza gatherings where you can chat casually with lecturers.

If I was not busy with extracurricular activities at King’s then I found myself wondering the streets of London; exploring the beauty and food the city had to offer. The fact that King’s is situated in the heart of London, means that you truly are exposed to a diverse range of activities. From taking a scenic (and very ‘Instagrammable’) walk down Southbank to stuffing yourself with a cuisine you might have never tried before. In my first year I tried to do something ‘touristy’ every weekend, which included hitting all the museums and food markets. Fast-forward onto my fourth year and I am still yet to explore most of these.

Alongside spending all this money, I did also earn some money on the side. I joined the Student Ambassador Scheme at King’s; helping me develop a whole array of skills as well as fund my leisure activities. This involved me working at open days, giving campus tours and assisting at events taking place on campus.

Without going into specifics in this post what I am trying to say is London is truly a melting pot consisting of almost anything and everything you can imagine. In my case, I have   enlightened my way into my fourth year by having visited plenty of food markets, this might not be your thing but there is something to cater everyone’s taste buds. Just a disclaimer too, it is not always expensive to enjoy yourself in the capital either. There are plenty of free activities going on, you just need to hit up Google!

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