Pursuing my passions – Why I chose to study Computing & Security at King’s (a PG Perspective)


By Alexios Stellas, MSc Computing & Security, Department of Informatics

Greetings World!

My name is Alex and I am a postgraduate student at King’s College London. I am doing my MSc in Computing & Security this year. I consider myself a huge computerphile and before coming to King’s, I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, in Athens, Greece.

Last year, I had to face a difficult question that a lot of students face after completing their first degree. This two-word question had me stressed out for months: What now?

I was at a point where I finished my undergrad and was working on an internship that would end in a few months’ time. I knew that I wanted to learn more and I also knew that I wanted to expand my horizons. More importantly though, I wanted my next step to better prepare me for a successful career. So, I decided to pursue a Master’s degree.

My love and passion was computers from a very young age so I was certain I would attend a Master’s programme related to that. In recent years I developed a great interest in cyber security, so I focused on finding the best MSc related to cyber security. I also decided that I was going to leave the comfort of my home country and try to experience the world. (Side note: If anyone is considering leaving their birthplace to live elsewhere and learn about other cultures but feels lost or afraid, I can only provide the following advice: I know it seems hard and scary, but take this leap. It will be worth it.) Consequently, I ended up looking for universities all around Europe – since Europe offers the best and most affordable education in the world.

A big part of my search was of course the UK, famous for the quality of education provided here. And after many weeks of research, I decided the best place for my MSc was King’s College London. First and foremost, King’s offered the course I was interested in, Computing & Security. One other important aspect of this course, was the freedom that was given to students to choose diverse optional modules. While I wanted to focus on cyber security, I wanted to have the option of learning one or two things in similar domains of computer science. From the aspect of the university, I couldn’t ask for anything better. King’s College London is one of the best universities in the UK and in the whole world. On top of that, King’s offers amazing opportunities for networking and locating job positions, which was super important for me. Lastly, London is one of the most diverse and multi-cultural cities in the world and King’s is positioned at the centre of London, not only shown by its location but also by the diversity and inclusivity of the College. Ideal for someone that wants to experience different cultures and exchange ideas with a wide variety of people.

In the end, I was accepted in this College and I couldn’t be happier. King’s so far has been exceeding my expectations in every important aspect.

Thanks King’s!

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