Love at first sight! Why I chose to study Chemistry at King’s


By Conor Beale, MSci Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

I first visited King’s in the summer of 2015 for an Open Day, and that’s when I fell in love. The first thing that became immediately evident to me was the inclusive atmosphere that existed at King’s. I had never witnessed such a wide group of people who really seemed to care about their students.

The location of King’s is by far one of the best selling points King’s has: not only do the Strand and Waterloo campuses look out on some of the UK’s best loved attractions, but being in central London, the connections to great companies within the city made it clear to me that this was the best place for me to find the best suited career after my degree finished. I feel these great connections are why King’s is rated 7th in the world for graduate employability.

On my visit of King’s we toured the Department of Chemistry and encountered some of the research that is carried out by the King’s team. I had no idea that so many of the new discoveries that I had read about were made at King’s.

However, university is not just about learning, it’s about new experiences and living some of the best years of our lives; where better to do that than in central London? The student union has so many events that they put on, and lots of societies to join, so when you have had a lot of work due, after the deadlines, there’s always something to do to have some fun and celebrate completion.

King’s takes in students from many different countries, and whilst you are at King’s you really get to know so much about many countries that maybe you’ve never even heard of. The embracing of many different cultures really allows you to appreciate other people and is a great experience to encounter.

Even if money seems an issue, the student union has many on-campus jobs that you can apply for, and the best part – they all pay London living wage, £10.20 an hour – now you can’t moan at that!

Now I am at King’s I know that I have made the best choice; I feel at home, cared for and most importantly I really feel that I am receiving a top class education. If you desire to be in a fast-paced city, always with something to, I would always recommend King’s.

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