Why I chose to study Chemistry at King’s


By Jonathan Chen, BSc Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

I joined King’s in 2015, the year where it commenced its BSc and MSci Chemistry courses. Prior to this, and since the re-opening of its Chemistry department in 2012, it was already known for its Chemistry with Biomedicine course. I enjoy chemistry as a subject because of its breadth. The concepts in this subject provide me with an in-depth understanding of various aspects in biology, physics, and engineering.

I chose King’s primarily because of its fantastic central London location. Choosing to study in London has become somewhat of a cliché, but for good reason. The opportunities outside the classroom in London are simply endless, and at King’s, they make this crystal clear. From volunteering to work experience, it seems like everything is at your fingertips. The three main campuses (Strand, Waterloo, and Guy’s) form a golden triangle around the Thames. As an international student, this has made a huge difference in my study experience, because there has never been a dull moment, nor an easier (and cheaper) way to de-stress than to simply go out for a walk and look around.

Of course, a crucial factor in coming to King’s was the course content of my degree. Having looked at the modules available online at the time of enrolment, it was immediately evident that King’s had a very good balance between all aspects of chemistry (organic, inorganic, biological, physical). That to me was a major selling point and what captured my interest. As a final year student, I can only sing the endless praises of the Department of Chemistry’s dedication towards student satisfaction and academic growth. This course is unique in terms of its ability to satisfy both students who want to specialise into a specific area, and students like me who enjoy a broad knowledge of chemistry and its applications. What’s more is that over the course of the three years, the teaching staff have developed an individual understanding of each student and have taken a genuine interest in his or her development. The teaching they provide is top quality, and they convey their passion for their area of research in every word.

My experience at King’s has been overwhelmingly positive, and I look back with absolutely no regrets.

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