Guide for English Department Freshers 2021-22

Freshers’ Week

The Guide for English Department Freshers 2021-22 is now available. It offers a student perspective on studying English at King’s and addresses some issues of concern for new students.

The magazine includes pieces written by third year English students: Ana Bottle, Emma Campbell, Fiona Eddis-Finbow, Ted J.Gibbs, Pavlina Sotirova and Jil Thielen.

The guide covers:

  • Tips for tackling reading lists
  • What makes a good student, how to take notes, a guide to writing essays, time management tips
  • The best places to look & search for material
  • A review of London Libraries
  • Information about first year modules & what the first year will be like
  • An interview with first year head Dr Carl Kears
  • An introduction to the English Department Student Representatives
  • Clubs and societies – the spaces to meet people, to explore & develop interests
  • London Coffee Shops (as study space & places to socialise)
  • A campus guide

For full details, please see the attached guide in pdf format.

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