Genetic discovery in depression

By | Mythbusters

The last few years have seen an incredible increase in the discovery of genetic variants associated with depression. In this Mythbusters blog, Kirstin [EDIT Lab PhD student] and Joni [SGDP Postdoc] describe this recent progress, and explain why there isn’t just a single gene for depression.

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Extracting stability gives a more powerful and heritable measure of emotional problems

By | Research Matters

This blog explains our latest publication in which we analysed Twins Early Development Study data on emotional problems across childhood and adolescence. Accurate assessment is difficult but essential if we are to understand the influences on emotional problems. We took advantage of longitudinal data (i.e. taken across time) to define…

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Q is for Quiz

By | A-Z

After a short break (most of the team have been off enjoying their summer holidays!) the A-Z blog is back! Since we are just over halfway through the A-Z series, Tom [EDIT Lab PhD student] has put together a quiz based on all our previous posts for you to test…

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