Intersectionality in Academia

By | Anti-racism

We must maintain an intersectional perspective in discussions around race and racism, to better understand and reflect on the diverse realities experienced by individuals across racialised groups. In this post, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Dr Ziada Ayorech, reflects on her experiences as a Black academic, as well as a female, and…

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The balancing act

By | Life Scientific

In this blog Prof Thalia Eley shares some reflections on the difficulties of balancing life and an academic career in the context of a chronic condition. We think much of what she has learned may apply to those finding themselves slow to recover from Covid.  

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A winter tale

By | The Wider World

I have always been a fan of the Christmas ghost story. I think more so since moving to the northern hemisphere. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, the dark nights draw in, and we get more of those chilly days with that strange pale light that never really blooms into…

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