Genetic prediction of educational attainment: the important role of parental behaviour

By | Research Matters

Scientists are building powerful predictors of our educational attainment based on genetic information. These ‘polygenic scores’ measure the genetic load that individuals carry for a specific trait. Considered individually, genetic variants have tiny effects, but when these are added up into a polygenic score, they explain a considerable proportion of…

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Doing a MSc at the SGDP center

By | Life Scientific

Alicia and Katie, EDIT Lab PhD student and research assistant, discuss what it is like to undertake a Masters degree at the SGDP Centre, reflecting on their experiences of studying Genes, Environment and Development in Psychology and Psychiatry (or GED-PP as it is known). 

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Social Media and Mental Health

By | Mythbusters

It is sometimes thought that the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can have a negative effect on a user’s mental health. In this week’s blog, Research Assistant Katie Thompson and Placement student Emma Bishop discuss the influence of social media on mental health.  Katie…

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Maintaining mental health around Christmas

By | The Wider World

Christmas is a time of year associated with reconnecting with family and friends, exchanging presents, and having fun. But this can also be a difficult time for those living with mental health conditions. Increased commitments, family pressures and financial issues can all become stressful and exacerbate mental health difficulties. So,…

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