Disseminating your teaching practice

Contribute a case study on your learning activity to this Active Learning at King’s resource, or one on assessment or feedback to Assessment for Learning at King’s. Contact kings-academy@kcl.ac.uk.

Offer a King’s Academy lightning talk on what you have applied in your own teaching, how it worked, what you learnt from the experience, and what next. These occur at lunchtime on the first Wednesday of every month.

Give a conference presentation or poster related to teaching and learning either at King’s Academy Excellence in Teaching conference, a  disciplinary conference, or an appropriate educational conference you choose. For early notice of educational events you could join AdvanceHE Connect which lets community members publish theirs and search others’.

Contact a member of the King’s Educators Network or King’s Education Award winner who interests you and arrange to observe them. Then reflect on the practices you found effective or would like to try yourself.

Interview a colleague in your department who has a senior or specific educational responsibility you feel could be better understood e.g. Senior Tutor, Programme Leader, Module Leader, or  Disability Liaison. King’s Academy can provide a list of questions. From this interview, create a resource for your department.

Here are some questions you may wish to use or adapt (feel free to use your own). You may find it helpful to let the UK Professional Standards Framework guide your questions.

  1. What do you wish you had known before you became a [role].
  2. What do you know about your students and how do you find it out?
  3. How do you mentor your teaching team?
  4. What makes for a helpful and effective teaching team meeting?
  5. How do you give feedback to your teaching team?
  6. What opportunities do you see with assessment in your module?
  7. Beyond the standard module evaluation, are there any other ways you seek feedback from students?
  8. How do you balance your [senior role] with your research activities?

Consent for for staff interviewees (feel free to use an alternative if you have one).

Present your teaching activities at your department or faculty away day. Summarise the discussion and action points for colleagues.

Design and deliver a professional development session within your department and monitor what follows from it.

Form and coordinate a peer interest group to meet periodically to discuss learning and teaching topics (with KA support or members of King’s Educators Network).

Write up your work for peer reviewed publication. Ensure you have ethical approval as appropriate. King’s Academy will be happy to support you.