Learning from transition – the pivot to online learning (event)

Two hands, sparklers at dusk

The May 2020 ‘Lightning Lunch’ event was online (you know why) with a panel of four King’s educators responding to questions about teaching online. This panel had shared their practice in advance as five-minute recorded talks, prompting questions from participants which they posted and upvoted in a Padlet. The discussion responded to the most upvoted questions in the time we had, but we made sure we responded to every question on the Padlet (because simple majoritarian approaches don’t recognise divergent thinking, and recognising divergent thinking helps bring a sense of belonging).

Here are the colleagues who contributed, and links to the lightning talks they recorded and generously shared across King’s.

A final note: this session was better attended, more interactive, and drew from a more geographically dispersed panel than previous sessions.

Image source: Ian Schneider at Unsplash.

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