5 Reasons Why I Chose to Study Physics

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By Priya Deoli, MSc Physics

Physics is a beautiful subject that helps you understand how things around you work. It is the basis of many other sciences like geography, astronomy, chemistry and applied medical sciences. I always had a proclivity for physics and currently am doing my master’s in physics. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why I love studying physics.

  1. Curiosity about the physical surrounding

Although I have been curious about physical phenomena around me since my childhood, at that time I did not know that all my questions could be answered by studying Physics. Eventually I realized how physics encompasses everything from the tiniest of atoms to colossal galaxies. It is an enigma with endless mysteries, and everyday scientists fight tooth and nail to unravel them. So, I chose to follow the path of physics because it had answers to all my questions from, “how does a rainbow form?” to “why are devices getting smaller each day?”

  1. Experiment and lab work

Studying physics gives you exposure to experimenting and performing experiments in labs. You get to test and prove scientific theories and mathematical formulas. This not only helps you enhance your understanding but also helps you to apply your theoretical knowledge to the real world. I have done several experiments ranging from Ohm’s law to UV spectroscopy, and currently I am working on a project in the Clean Room. Working in a lab always makes me feel confident, responsible, and optimistic. I feel that I am making a difference and contributing something significant to my field.

  1. Wide range of career opportunities

There are many career opportunities for a physics graduate. If you want to pursue a physics related career you can be a physics educator or an academic researcher. You can work in the research and development sector in different industries. You can specialize in astronomy and space science, climate and meteorology, renewable energy, Optics, laser and photonics, Biophysics and digital healthcare, experimental physics and material science. Apart from this, physics graduates are also hired as data analysts, IT consultants and design engineers.

  1. Transferable skills

In addition to learning physics while doing a physics degree you also cultivate many transferable skills like problem solving, data analysis, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, public speaking and academic writing. These skills not only help you grow professionally but also come in handy in day to day life .

  1. Positive perspective on life

My motivation has always been physics. It gives me a positive outlook. All physicists inspire me. They keep exploring the universe and its theories. Occasionally, they arrive at a certain conclusion, but often, their prognosis serves no purpose, and the mystery gets deeper and deeper. But, despite the setbacks and failures, they never give up and keep working towards their goals with full dedication. And we all should admire them and adopt the same approach of never giving up on our dreams.

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