How to apply for a Mathematics PhD at King’s: a step-by-step guide

Starting Your Application

Your application will be submitted through King’s Apply. The first step is to create an account, though don’t be intimidated by the long list of titles, the standard ones (Ms, Mr, etc.) can be found by scrolling down slightly.

Course Finder

Once you have registered an account, you will be sent to the course finder, where you’ll need to select your programme. Typing in ‘maths’ does not work – only ‘mathematics’. Statistics must be searched for separately. You can find the applied programme by typing in your research group but be careful not to select an MSc or physics course. Several options will appear, but the correct courses are:

Applied Mathematics Research: Disordered Systems/Financial Mathematics/Probability/Theoretical Physics MPhil/PhD;Pure Mathematics Research MPhil/PhD;and Statistics Research MPhil/PhD.

Start Dates and English Language Requirements

After selecting your course, you will be asked to pick a start date. We will usually only consider applications for entry on October 1st. Other entry dates are exceptional and are only granted for deferrals or reasons relating to funding. We will not offer any internal or research council funding at these dates and may ask applicants to change this entry date or reject them outright.

The subsequent question, on English language requirements, is important for entry if you are an overseas applicant, you must prove that you meet the standard needed (Band D).

Residency, Nationality, Education, Employment, and References

These can be done in any order. The section on residency and nationality is necessary for visa reasons as well as determining your fee category. Based on your answers, you will be given a fee status assessment. You can ask for this to be reviewed after your application is submitted.You will also need to submit your education (usually just your BSc/MSc institution and classification) and employment history, as well as contact details for two referees.

Research Proposal

This may seem like the most daunting and important part of your application, so it is a good idea to discuss the level of detail expected here with the admissions tutor (and, for Pure Mathematics, a prospective supervisor). If you have already discussed your planned area of research with them, they may not expect you to write more than a few sentences.


We expect applicants to tick boxes 4 and 5 if they hope to be considered for funding from the department, including research council funding. Funding is allocated to applicants on merit, and admissions tutors will decide the source of funding that a student receives – this may not reflect what the applicant selected here. Funding offers will usually be sent out from March. There are also several centrally administered PhD funding schemes at King’s, shared across the university.

Attachment Summary and Submission

Make sure you have included everything that you wanted to at the attachment summary and check everything that you have written. Once you have done so, and are happy with your application, you are ready to submit, and can expect to hear from us shortly.

If you have any questions about any of this process, be sure to submit them to Gage Kumar Rull, PGR Programme Officer at

Good luck!

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