A year in industry – employer’s thoughts on King’s students

Spending a year in industry provides an opportunity to gain practical real-world experience from a range of fields, to complement and enhance your academic studies. The experience is enjoyed by both students and employers! Have a look at some company testimonials below…


King’s students are extremely well prepared for the workplace, and we have been impressed with everyone who has joined us as a placement student.

– Haplo Services Ltd



Within Biometrics, this was our first placement from King’s and from our experience it was a very successful one. We hope to host more in the future

– Roche



Overall, the placement programme worked tremendously well for us. King’s supported us through the recruitment process, and the student came to us fully prepared and aware of the expectations for the placement. An outstanding individual, the student brought a lot to our team and took a lot from the experience of working in a commercial software development environment as part of an experienced team

– Teletrac Navman

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