What I love about Biomedical Engineering

By Isabella, BEng Biomedical Engineering

By Isabella Trujillo-Cortes, Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering

I’m going to summarise what I’ve loved the most whilst studying at King’s these past two years!

I chose to study at King’s because I am a total city girl and I LOVE London. One of my favourite things about studying at King’s, that’s so unique to this London university, is the locations of the campuses. There is so much to do and so many restaurants around! (Plus, I’m obsessed with posting Snapchat stories of the views across Waterloo Bridge).

Another of my favourite reasons is that as King’s is a Russell Group University, and most of my lecturers are researchers. When applying to university, I thought this sounded impressive, but now that I am being taught by them I’ve realised how useful it really is for us as students! Whilst in my lectures, I am told about the latest cutting edge research which inspires and motivates me even more. My lecturer also gave us the opportunity to visit his X-ray lab at St. Thomas’ Hospital.

What I love about studying my course is that it is very broad! One module in my first year was Anatomy, whereas the other was Computing Programming. They sound so different but, yet everything relates together and applies to real-world problems. Although my course is challenging, it is so motivating!

Whilst in Secondary and Sixth Form, most people would tell me ‘The jump from A-levels to first year uni is not that bad’ but in my opinion, I thought the jump was quite big! I say this because the teaching style is very different, and our timetable/daily structure changes too. It was quite overwhelming in the first few weeks. However, the best thing is that I wasn’t alone because EVERYONE is in the same boat.

To get settled in, I made friends with people in my course and the societies I joined. In my first year I stepped out of my comfort zone by performing in the Afro-Caribbean Society Culture Show which was honestly so fun! I met people that had the same interests as me as well as others with different backgrounds and experiences. This year I have also been really focused on my faith and well-being, and I have a lot of encouragement and support from the friends I’ve made in Gospel Society. Bible studies and worship events have been my favourite – the best thing is that everything takes place on campus so there’s no extra travelling involved.

I have also joined the Widening Participation Ambassadors team & even completed an internship at a King’s office.

Overall, both my academic and social experiences at King’s so far have been amazing. It’s very different to school, but I would definitely say for the better!

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