Life at King’s – what to do with your spare time?


By Luis Castillo, MSc Advanced Computing, Department of Informatics

Living in London is something I have wanted to do since I visited the city two years ago. I felt I could learn a lot from this city, and learning is better if you are studying at King’s, a university in the heart of London.

I enjoy starting my day walking along the river to my campus (Strand campus), having the opportunity to see amazing buildings and crossing different bridges, but the bridge I enjoy the most is the Millennium Bridge. It’s something I really enjoy because the bridge is only for walkers and you can see St. Paul’s Cathedral in the distance.

I have been in London for almost two months and the list of amazing things you can do increases every day, but the most impressive thing is that at least half of those things are provided by King’s. I’m talking about the different events organized by the university, which can be from talks with renowned professors around the world (e.g. Annual Higgs Lecture) to career fairs. If you look around and read the different emails that the university sends you, you can find events during the year. I also advise you to book them in advance, because sometimes they can fill up pretty quickly.

In addition to academic things, you can find many different activities with the different societies around the university. I have been to some meetings of different societies, and the people are very welcoming to everyone. I have also joined the squash club, which is a great club where all people are welcome. But also, if you want to play competitively you can do it. In my case, I have played squash for some years and now I play for the university team, which is quite exciting because you represent your university. And it gives you the opportunity to meet other players from other universities.

In my opinion, King’s provides all the resources to make your stay in London as good as you want it.

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  1. This blog brilliantly highlights the huge variety of things you can get up to whilst at university and proves that it doesn’t always need to be expensive to entertain yourself living in London as a student as there is so much provided by the university to get involved with. I think getting involved with a sport is an especially great way to meet new people whilst staying active! Enjoy the rest of your studies.

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