Life at King’s – Finding things to do & working (a PG Perspective)


By Yuanwen Li, MSc Web Intelligence, Department of Informatics

The one-year study is actually very short, especially for the taught masters. Because you don’t have a full-time schedule in the university every week, apart from revision, arranging your spare time is very important.

There some tips for you from Study London:

Study London also say: ‘London was voted the most cost-effective city in the UK for students. With so many part-time jobs available, you can support your studies and enjoy London life while you study. Plus, you’ll have great work experience to add to your CV.’

Also, I use King’s website for internship or graduate program. There are two, one is Talent Bank where you can find some part-time job offerings from King’s. The jobs are flexible in time and well-paid, which are very highly recommended to King’s students. You can choose to be a member of the student ambassador or resident ambassador schemes, taking part in the management of university and students’ stuff – if you are thinking about being more independent and accumulate more experiences.

Another one is King’s careerconnect which focuses on internship and graduate employment. Compared to Talent Bank, King’s careerconnect is more professional and suitable for all kinds of students (Talent Bank is limited in the job roles).

You will be excited to choose to study in King’s College in London. Don’t worry about coming across any problems, KCL and KCLSU always have ways to help you out!

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