What I get up to during my down time (a PG Perspective)


By Laia Delgado Callico, PhD Physics, Department of Physics

During my first year as a Masters student at King’s, I was based at Guy’s Campus for lectures, Waterloo Campus for labs and Britannia House for my research project. So I got to explore three great central London locations.

I spent my free time in a wide variety of activities such as organising a ping-pong tournament, going for the occasional pizza at Mercato Metropolitano, seminars at the Gordon Museum, joining the Be Active programme and training at one of the KCL gyms.

Currently, for my PhD project I am based at the Strand Campus, where I have great views of London from my office on the seventh floor. I get to have lunch every day (weather permitting) outside on the Somerset House Terrace or by the Thames, enjoying the views.

There are also great Department and Faculty parties: with free food and drinks on the Bush House Roof Terrace, what else can you ask for?

I also enjoy attending a wide variety of events (from Movie Nights to Nobel Laureates talks), organized by student societies or by other institutions like the Royal Society or Thomas Young Centre.

Furthermore, I am also the Postgraduate Representative for both the Maxwell Society (KCL Physics student society) and the Women in Physics Society.

In my free time, I continue going to the Waterloo gym (can’t wait for the opening of the new gym at Bush House), I have ice-skated at Somerset House as well as attended a fencing class and even a mindfulness event. I have also joined an intensive course in German, offered for free to PG students.

In addition, I also love the fact that King’s is open 24h a day, so I can work until late or in the weekends and come in and out at any time, any day.

Finally, don’t underestimate how handy it is to have a Tesco or Sainsbury’s close to campus.

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