Student societies at King’s – Don’t be afraid to try something new!


by Lana Abi Rached, MEng Electronic Engineering with Management, Department of Informatics

King’s prides itself in having a very dynamic student life. There are indeed a crazy variety of clubs and societies, there is even a “Cheese Society”. All the clubs are referenced on the KCLSU website. It is also very insightful to go to the fresher’s fair and have a look at all the societies and clubs. It is helpful to actually talk to committee members and maybe discover new interests.

I personally have been part of a couple of different societies. There is the King’s Record Society with which I performed open mic along-side other King’s students. It was so much fun performing for your own crowd and having the support of a society.

I was also part of the KCL Women’s Football Club. It was really the best decision I have taken in my first year. Sports clubs are the best way to make loads of friends and have a lot of fun while working towards winning our games. Wednesday nights are the legendary sports nights which includes partying with all the other clubs. I got elected president of the club in second year and got to learn a lot about leadership and bureaucracy. Having a committee position is really interesting and gives you the opportunity to learn practical skills such as organizing transportation, budgeting, handling administrative tasks, etc.

I had the opportunity of co-founding the KCL Lebanese Society of which I am the treasurer.

Also, I was part of the first committee of the Lyceum Well Being or ‘KCL School of Life’. King’s is open on many societies co-existing as long as it is done with good and coherent intentions. It is not often that you are offered the opportunity, resources and structure to create a society from scratch; King’s makes it possible and relatively easy. Moreover, those societies, or departments themselves, organise interesting talks and conferences on all the subjects you can think of. Prominent speakers are sometimes invited to give talks which are opportunities that might not be available otherwise.

Besides clubs, King’s has a lot of engaged students. The KCLSU student committee is really helpful on many levels and always makes sure that the student’s rights are not compromised in any way. They also encourage us to be engaged in current events such as political events, social events or sometimes protests. It is with a lot of passion that students at King’s create a whole network of motivated and dynamic people who want to make King’s better and happier.

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