Enriching your time at King’s – Student societies


By Conor Beale, MSci Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Being a second-year chemist, free time seems to present itself at increasingly few and far between times. However, having said that, I do find myself with plenty to do when it does come around. King’s has many, many societies, so whatever you enjoy doing there is always something to do.

I am part of ChemsocKCL PakSoc and KCL Women in Leadership Society. I attend many events throughout the year for these societies and also others that I’m not part of, such as law society and KCL India Soc. Now, this may seem like a wide variety of interests but that is the great part about these societies, to join a society you don’t have to fit a specific criterion: if you want to join a society, you’re allowed. During Fresher’s Fair my friends and I walk around and sign up to as many societies as possible, and each year we try and join a new society. At the end of the day university is a place for you to explore and do anything and everything you could possibly think of.

Next year I am running for a position on the committee of Chemsoc, this will allow me to become more involved in the running of societies that I like. Yet again, the criteria for being elected for this position? Drive and a desire to want to be a part of the committee, nothing more than that.

However, societies are not just a chance to have some fun and let loose. There are also many societies that can allow you to achieve things. For example, sports societies allow you to have fun whilst developing a skill in a sport of your choosing. Faculty societies such as Chemsoc have opportunities for educational sessions as well. These can help you to achieve more within your degree, or develop your wider knowledge, alongside meeting some amazing people.

Things to do at King’s are not just restricted to the university, and that’s what I really love about King’s. We are sat in the centre of the capital city, there’s never a time when you are stuck for things to do. Whatever it is you enjoy, in the centre of the city there is somewhere you can do it! Even if you just need some time away from your degree with your friends, pick a park and go and chill. When summer (finally) comes around my friends and I go to the parks all the time, it’s a great way to relax and just get away from it all!

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