No better place to be – Why I chose to study Electronic Engineering at King’s


By Leyth Hammoud, BEng Electronic & Information Engineering, Department of Informatics

Why did I choose King’s? Good question. Deciding on a university is a big gamble, especially if like me you went to a total of zero open days.

The biggest factor being location; King’s sits in the very heart of London. The Strand is five minutes from the actual city centre, Charing Cross (which is where distances to London on road signs are measured relative to).

By default, King’s was my first choice solely on reputation, so when I got my offer I was more than excited. In school I did a maths challenge for King’s and it was a special feeling walking through those heavy revolving doors. I thought to myself, how awesome would it be to actually be a student here? so it’s crazy to think now, here I am.

The list of what attracts me to King’s is a lengthy one so to keep it snappy here are my main ones.

Its leading role in research and development across many disciplines makes students sought after by top graduate employers, especially by renowned KCL partners.

There is never nothing to do with all the societies, socials, talks, networking events, bars, nearby parks and restaurants; and my personal favourite? The library. Of course, you don’t want to be drowning in your work, and to help this there are various libraries and study spaces to choose from in the pool of campuses. The atmosphere at King’s is one to thrive in because there is enough pressure to push you to do your best, whilst still feeling comfortable amongst the wealth of people you can meet.

The facilities at King’s are second to none. From computers to cafes, hot/cold water machines, communal kitchens and my top spot, the social spaces where you can chill out with your friends any time, any place. I think the motto for King’s should be, there’s always a place for you because there literally is. With such a diverse group of people and so many societies that you can join it can even be overwhelming at first. This is common if not inherent in starting university, but you easily learn to appreciate it.

There are actually more societies than you can think of and no better place to find yours than at the Freshers Fair. American Football was something unheard of to me before joining King’s but now I’m a starter on the team and have made so many friends that I’ll keep for years to come.

My first year here is not even over yet it feels like so much has happened already. I look forward to my next two more than ever, and if you will be joining us in September, I wish you a first year as memorable as mine. The opportunities available are immense so trust me, you don’t want to miss them. That’s why I chose King’s.

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  1. Similar to Mr Hammoud, my choice to study at KCL largely stemmed from its international reputation (as seen by its high QS ranking), and its location.

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