The perks of student life in London


By Zara Lim, MEng Electronic Engineering, Department of Informatics

King’s was an ideal fit for me: not only is it based in some of the best locations around London, it also performs well on league tables and has a competitive spirit.

I personally have lived in London for my whole life and wanted to apply to universities in a familiar location. I would spend less time getting lost in a new city and could focus more on the academic and social aspects of university. Being based at the Strand campus means that I’m surrounded by iconic landmarks and views, and that there’s a huge range of places to visit and food to eat. From the views from the top floor balconies of Bush House to ice skating during the winter at Somerset House, you can never run out of things to do in-between your lectures. Not to mention, the libraries (especially the Maughan library and the infamous round room that was featured in Harry Potter) are a great place to relax and study, and the fact that some are open 24 hours is a big plus – should you ever find that your Wi-Fi at home dies and you have a coursework deadline looming.

King’s has a strong academic presence and one of the main reasons I am attracted to this university is because of its outstanding reputation for research. Being one of the highest funded British universities for research means that you’re surrounded by people designing and discovering the next breakthroughs in science and technology which is inspiring, giving me a great sense of pride. King’s also has a huge number of international staff and students, meaning that you will get to work alongside a huge range of people from all countries and backgrounds and you can expand your network beyond the UK.

Alongside the academic side of King’s is an equally huge range of extracurricular activities. With KCLSU running over 200 sports clubs, societies, volunteering opportunities, student media and campaigning groups, you’re bound to find your niche. In particular, what drew me in was that King’s is well known for being competitive, particularly with the other University of London colleges. The sports at King’s are extremely strong and cater for a huge range of abilities – from complete beginner to Olympic trainees.

King’s is a good fit for everyone, given our academic diversity and dense campus. There is always a chance to meet students from other departments and explore varied opinions on any discussion topic because you’re always in close proximity to them.  I have not regretted choosing King’s, and it has certainly been an enjoyable experience so far.

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