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Posts from 2021:
The European Commission’s Pathway from Shareholders’ Democracy to Sustainable Corporate Governance – Michele Corgatelli

Posts from 2020:
Are Copyright Laws adequate to deal with Deepfakes?: A comparative analysis of positions in the United States, India and United Kingdom, Neeraja Seshadri and Sindhu A

The Digital Single Market in the European Union: Myth or Reality?Sushmit Mandal and Yasaschandra Devarakonda

Recognition of Insolvency Related Judgments: an Undetermined Sphere of International Insolvency, Medhashree Verma and Siddharth Jain

Competition Law’s Challenges in Regulating Big Data – Campbell Whyte

“We Almost Had a Deal”: Re-evaluating CMA’s Heavy-Handed Merger Control Approach In Light of JD-Footasylum And Other Experiences – Talin Bhardwaj and Anushka Ganguli

Mediation in Investment Treaty Disputes: Solution for Trust Issues? – Divyansh Sharma

EU Competition Law and Covid-19 Crisis: Making a Case for Efficiency-Enhancing Cartels – Mudit Nigam & Shreya Chandhok

Collective action clauses and beyond: Negotiated public debt restructuring in EU Investment Protection Agreements – Enrico Tinti

COVID-19 Crisis and Bans on Short Selling by European Regulators – Fahad Al-Sadoon

10 Years of the Indian Leniency Programme: Lessons to be Learned from the US and EU Experience – Angela Dua

The Past, Present, and Future of Arbitral Diversity in Investment Arbitration – Ana Prundaru

The European Response to COVID-19: State Aid and the ECB Under the TFEU – Giulio Preti

European Commission Slaps Interim Measures Against Broadcom: The Perfect Test-Case? – Giulio Preti

Right to Property Reigns Supreme Over the Moral Rights of an Architect: Indian High Court Changes Course – Adyasha Samal

The illusive endgame: Enforcement of judgments post-Brexit – Woon Yu Jian

Should cartelists be liable for umbrella pricing? – Martin Kwan

Posts from 2019:
Incomplete provisions: Anti-Profiteering Measures in India under the CGST 2017 – Prankul Boobana

Revised FDI Policies in E-commerce: Do they ensure a ‘level playing field’ in India? Dibya Prakash Behera & Arti Sahu

‘Foreign awards need not be stamped’: Indian Supreme Court promotes pro-arbitration policy – Amrit Singh

Geographic Indications: a Key Device for Rural Economies’ Development Threatened by a ‘No Deal’ scenario, Remy Mevel

Arbitrability of Oppression & Mismanagement Claims in India: Analysing the Courts’ attempt in playing the see-saw ride, Hatim Hussein

Posts from 2018:

The Morrisons Appeal And Vicarious Liability: Did The Court Just Become An Accessory To A Crime? – Meera Manoj

War In Our Times: The End Of The Trading System As We Know It? Meera Manoj

Sign of the Times: A Critical Examination of Financial Assistance Laws in India – Ankit Sharma & Himanshu Pabreja

Making the Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU) ‘Great Again’ – Isabelle Wenger

Personal Insolvency: Towards Corporate Responsibility – Neta Nadiv

America’s Curve-Ball To Developing Countries: Analysing the US WTO Challenge against Indian Export Subsidies – Meera Manoj

Competition Law & Intellectual Property Rights Interface – Nidhi Singh

Geographic Indications: a Key Device for Rural Economies’ Development Threatened by a ‘No Deal’ scenario – Remy Mevel

Re Easynet Global Services Ltd – A Case Comment – Lucas Nasif

CLICK, CLICK, DID YOU REALLY AGREE? The EU GDPR and the need for a Uniform Format for Privacy Policies – Meera Manoj

Trump And The Wto: A Love-Hate Relationship In International Trade – Meera Manoj

Suggested Reforms Regarding an Appeal/Review Mechanism for Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) Awards – Isabelle Wenger

Corporate Duel: Shareholder Activism in the Facebook Personal Data Manipulation Case – Wildredo Cáceres Ghisilieri

Googly for Google: Competition Commission of India Tests Search Engine’s Stance – Nidhi Singh & Ankhu Sharma

Homer and Mickey in a 21st Century-Disney?: The modern implications of mergers and acquisitions in the entertainment industry – Naomi Owolabi

Corporate governance after the financial crisis: Overview of some major evolutions in the United Kingdom and in Switzerland – Elsa Muhaxheri

Posts from 2017:
In search of (legal) symmetry in the Economic and Monetary Union: ‘Off the beaten track’ – Federico Dr Dario

A Comment On Opinion 2/15 And Investor State Dispute Resolution. The Price Of Preserving The Division Of Powers – Giorgia Sangiuolo

Disclosure of End Use of Funds as a Measure to Check Fund Diversion – Surya Rajkumar

Agriculture And Competition Law: A Tale Of Uneasy Relationship? – Nidhi Singh

Legal Mechanism to Reduce Aviation’s Climate Change Impact— Introducing CORSIA – Luping Zhang

Posts from 2016:
The Role of Private Equity Funds in the Troubled Shipping Industry – Ioannis Yiasemis

The diminishing returns of ever greater profile of competition enforcement – Sylwester Gumienny

MiFID 2: Is the New Organised Trading Facility a Real Multilateral Trading Venue? – Chiming Kam

Systemic Crises And The Cost Of Regulation: The Dodd-Frank Act, The Eu Single Resolution Mechanism And Unexpected Lessons From Free Banking – Teemu Alexander Puutio

Human Rights Reporting and the Non-financial Disclosure Regime in Europe – Koen de Roo

The Luxembourg court does not negotiate: A brief commentary on the OMT ruling (Case C-62/14, Gauweiler) – Napoleon Xanthoulis

Posts from 2015:
Tax rulings: From certainty to uncertainty? – Charles Duro

The Protection of Legitimate Expectations under the Fair and Equitable Standard – Riccardo Fornasari

The post-crisis EU regulation targeting hedge funds – Tiago Ventura Mendes

Inside Practice: LIBOR Benchmark Manipulation and the Quantification of Harm in Damages Actions – Amy Dunne

Posts from 2014:
Collective Redress in Competition Claims: The Certification Procedure – Alexander Kamp

The New European Market Abuse Framework: Some Significant Practical Issues – Chiming Kam

What’s in a name? Regulating the growing green bond market – Stephen Minas

Economic Focus: What is the Relevance of Multi-Sided Platform Analysis for EU Competition Law? Maziar Homayounnejad

BT Phone Home: Fixed Line Recommended; Case Comment – Christy Burzio

A Brief Word on Arbitral Confidentiality in England – Adam Liew

An Interconnected Business Registry System for the European Union – Robert Miklós Babirad

When the U.K. is a Tax Haven: Pfizer’s Medicine to Reduce the Tax Bill – Marco Guerra

Evaluating Reorganisation in Bankruptcy law: Can the US Reorganisation Model be Conveniently Adopted by European Countries? – Marco Valdes

Private Equity Transactions and the Bankruptcy Rate – Robert K Rajczewski

It’s all in the Timing – Case Comment on Deutsche Bahn AG and Others v Morgan Advanced Materials Plc [2014] UKSC 24 – Christy Burzio

Has the Curtain Truly Fallen on the AstraZeneca Deal? Business Commentary on its Wider Implications – Christy Burzio

The New Risk Finance Guidelines: A Commentary – Gian Marco Galletti

Tax Transparent Funds: When Transparent Means Fair – Marco Guerra

Arbitration and the Courts – Hand in Hand? – Nascu Ioan

Posts from 2013:
The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive: UK’s Road to the Impending Implementation – Robert K. Rajczewski

Restitutionary Damages for Breach of Contract: A Bad Precedent? Nina Anana

Posts from 2012:
Renewing the Short Selling debate in Europe – Jacopo Crivellaro

State Immunity as Bar to Execution of Awards in International Investment Arbitrations – Kshama Loya