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The King’s Student Law Review (KSLR) is a peer-reviewed academic publication run by researchers and post-graduate students based at the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London. We seek to publish the very best of legal scholarship written by students at King’s and other leading law schools. The KSLR is listed in the international database HeinOnline.

We will soon be making our call for papers for Volume IX, Issue II (2018).

However, we are accepting papers for our special edition on ‘Law and War’. This is a joint edition between KSLR and Strife. Strife the main peer-reviewed journal of the War Studies Department, King’s College London. 

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See our current issue:


Jordan Rhodes – The Membership of a Particular Social Group: Forging a Space for Victims of Female Genital Mutilation

Maya Dabrowski – The End of LIBOR in 2022: What Next? An Analysis of LIBOR as a Major Interest Rate Benchmark, its Weaknesses and Potential Alternatives

Jake Jacobs – Defalcations, Swindles, and Fraud: Ungentlemanly Capitalism in Victorian Babylon, 1800 – 1899 Examining the Need for Revision of Cain and Hopkins’ Model of Gentlemanly Capitalism

William De Catelle – European Union Directive 2014/95 on Non-Financial Reporting: A Successful Experimentalist Governance Architecture?

Mattia Pinto – The Denationalisation of Foreign Fighters: How European States Expel Unwanted Citizens

Justin Su-Wan Yang – ‘Courts in Conflict’ by Nicola Palmer

Tasneem Ghazi – Parliament vs The People: The Struggle for Sovereignty Reflections on the Supreme Court Judgment in Miller