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The KSLR Forum, in its current format, has been running since July 2019.

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May 2022: Multiple Contracts and Single Arbitration in LLC Agronefteprodukt v Ameropa AG: Moving Closer to the Indian Position? Chaturbhuj Yadav and Hridyanand Ojha

Nov 2021: Joinder Provision under the 2021 ICC Arbitration Rules: A Nail in the Coffin of Party Autonomy, Aarushi Gupta and Prajakta Pradhan

Oct 2021: Texas’ six-week abortion ban: how did this happen and what will happen next? Emily Ottley

Sept 2021: EU’s New AI Regulation: Addressing Liability Concerns and Its Interplay with the GDPR, Sanjana L. B. and Sanah Javed

July 2021: Proportionality vs Rationality Review: A False Dichotomy? Rachelle Lam

March 2021: Privacy Or Survival: Covid-19 to be the Death Knell for the Right to Privacy, Hetal Doshi

Dec 2020: The Future of Intellectual Property Rights – an End to Monopoly? Lokesh Vyas & Umang Sethi

June 2020: Militant Democracy vis-à-vis external threat: a case study of Taiwan (Article I) Ching-Lun (Al) Liu

July 2020: Militant Democracy vis-à-vis external threat: a case study of Taiwan (Article II) Ching-Lun (Al) Liu

May 2020: Case Note: C-333/14 Scotch Whisky Association and Others v Lord Advocate and Advocate General for Scotland [2016] 2 C.M.L.R. 27, Jochelle Greaves Siew

April 2020: A Rights Based Approach Towards Managing Homelessness: Why Martin v City of Boise is a Step in the Right Direction, Sumit Chatterjee

March 2020: ‘We are married, but we cannot afford to live together’: Exploring the legal implications of this marital phenomenon in Hong Kong, Martin Kwan

July 2019: ‘Kill All the Lawyers’ – Examining Public Distrust of the English Legal System, Tasneem Ghazi

July 2019: Playboy Club London Ltd v Banca Nazionale del Lavoro SpA [2018] UKSC 43, Andreas Giannakopoulos

July 2019: Is the EU finally ready for a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base? Malcolm Wu

July 2019: Your fault, my fault, our fault, no fault? English fault-based divorce, current proposals and the alternative New Zealand model, Tom Gilchrist


However from January 2012 to August 2014 KSLR also published a blog.

The archive of posts from that period is listed below.



August 2014: Of Law and Morals: The Use of Force and the Syrian Conflict, Raneem Asad

June 2014: Inhuman Rights: Is The Sun Right About the Human Rights Act? Matthew Foster

June 2014: New Directives on Defence Rights in the EU: Towards Progress? Cécile Bénoliel

June 2014: Criticising the Use of Original Intent in Judicial Decision Making: An Application of Dworkin and American Legal Realism, Darshan Datar

April 2014: The Right to Reputation: a European human right? Matthiew Foster, Helin Laufer Gencaga (President of KCL Amnesty International), Jeremy Letwin

March 2014: The lack of an effective remedy: how the Italian reform of dismissal breaches the EU Charter, Alessandra Maceroni

Feb 2014: Lord Neuberger’s Speech: UK’s Antagonism with the EU and the Consequences, Nathan Gore

Feb 2014: The United Kingdom as a Symbol of Constitutionalism, Helin Maria Laufer

Feb 2014: Reconsidering Naz: The theoretical shortcomings of a privacy based approach to homosexuality, Darshan Datar

Jan 2014: A Short Introduction To Dublin III, Noemi Manco

Jan 2014: Can the use of teargas be considered as a human rights violation? : A critical analysis on the policing of the Gezi Park protests, Dicle Su Han

December 2013: Codification of the Constitution – A three-part series, Chi Chung Chan

December 2013: The Breakdown of the Cradle of Rights, Juliana Ruseva

December 2013: Corporal Punishment of Children – the Evolutionary Approach of International Law, Doriane Hardy

December 2013: Hirst v United Kingdom (No.2) : A Danger for Both the UK and Europe, Matthew Foster

November 2013: ECHR and Housing Rights: a New Move? Cécile Bénoliel

June 2013: Big brother’s big brothers: Tort law and privacy in the Internet age, Julian Kulaga

May 2013: Re-reading David Kennedy’s ‘Turning to Market Democracy’ as a Critique of Ideology, Stefan Mandelbaum

May 2013: The shaky philosophical foundation of state-subsidised cultural institutions, Johani Maree

April 2013: Case-Comment: Attorney-General v Jonathan Cape Ltd [1975] 3 All E.R. 484, Jessica Parry

April 2013: Human Rights: Between Parliamentary Supremacy and the Rule of Law, Julian Kaluga

April 2013: Anarchism and Obedience to Law: On Systemic Incoherences, Thu Hoang

March 2013: Into the Promised Land of Authority, Mathias Cheung

March 2013: Opinion: Is HM Treasury v Ahmed [2010] the most significant human rights case heard by the UK Supreme Court to date? Carmarley Dennis

Feb 2013: Anarchism and Obedience to Law: On the Problem of Objectivity, Julian Frazer

June 2012: Belarus and the Bialiatski trial: How a dictatorship manipulates the legal system against dissent, Louise Stanley

June 2012: The meaning of ‘ius in bello’, Jasper Dooman

May 2012: Exceptional Circumstances: Too Exceptional? Antony Julian

May 2012: Rights of LGBT- An Indian Overview, Shuchi Swami

April 2012: Selective Humanitarian Intervention in the Arab Spring is Corrosive to the Universality of Human Rights, Yasmine Nahlawi

April 2012: Should the prohibition against torture ‘give way’ in the present atmosphere of adjusting the balance between liberty and security? Julian Elderfield

April 2012: Comparison of the Status of the Monarch’s Speech in Parliament between the UK and Japan, Narutoshi Yoshida

March 2012: The Arab Spring – The Seeds of Change, Knut Fournier

March 2012: Do Indian women have a right to choose whether, when and whom to marry? Avani Bansal, Tanvi Bansal

March 2012: Can Hart’s ‘middle way’ between Moralism and Reductivism be rescued? A Character-based attempt at social normativity,Kiran Rao

March 2012: Assisted Suicide, Miray Gorgy

Feb 2012: The Social Dimension of Ethics: A Comparative Analysis, Nikolaos Vulgaris

Jan 2012: On Aspects of Legal Romanticism: Either-Or-Mentality, Stefan Mandelbaum

Jan 2012: Article 8 and Minors’ Right to Refuse Medical Treatment, Miray Gorgy

Jan 2012: European Citizenship and Fundamental Rights: The Zambrano Case, Pietro Palumbo

Jan 2012: Introducing Legal Romanticism, Stefan Mandelbaum