Codification of the Constitution – A three-part series

We will be releasing a three-part series on the codification of the Constitution in the United Kingdom.

The Constitution in the United Kingdom is one of few Constitutions that have yet to be codified. This is a controversial issue that had raised numerous debates both within legal academia and the in politics. As the debate continues and different arguments are formulated, it becomes all the more important that both sides of the debate are clarified.

This is particularly so for scholars viewing the state of the Constitution in the United Kingdom from a civil law jurisdictions – where most if not all Constitutions are codified. It also elucidates the different arguments for scholars who wish to familiarize themselves with the features of the Constitution in the United Kingdom

The submissions focus on the strengths and weaknesses of having a codified Constitution.

Part 1: Constitutional Conventions and Codification by Melis Basmaci

Part 2: Should Britain Adopt a Written Constitution by Isabella Reynoso

Part 3: The Conventions of the United Kingdom and a New Written Constitution by Ezgi Sahin

Chi Chung Chan

Editor, KSLR Constitutional Law Blog

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