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The King’s Student Law Review (KSLR) is a King’s College London publication. It is completely edited by King’s College London students, and seeks to publish the very best of legal scholarship written by students at King’s and other leading law schools. The KSLR is listed in the international database HeinOnline.

We are now accepting papers for Volume IX, Issue I until 28 February 2018. Click here to submit.

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Alexander Heeps – Diplomatic Protection and Human Rights: Quo Vadis?

Justin Su-Wan Yang – The Shifting Tide (Once Again) of Shari’a Law in Northern Nigeria

Dr. Ronnie R. F. Yearwood – Ideas for a New Politics in Barbados: Governance and Truth

Giuseppe Lisella – The “Short Blanket” Of Civil Justice: A Comparative Analysis of Summary Judgments

Alfred Yang, Eric Hong – Should the Doctrine of Adverse Possession be Abolished in Hong Kong?

Ross Davis – Surfing the Wave: Pan-Africanism’s Relationship with Socialism and the Transatlantic Right-Wing

Dr. Nafees Ahmad – Internally Displaced Persons and International Refugee Law: Protection Gaps, Challenges and Implementation in Practice 


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