About Us

Who We Are

The King’s Student Law Review (KSLR) is an independent, online peer-reviewed academic publication (ISSN 2632 – 8186) managed by the researchers and post-graduate law students based at the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London. The KSLR seeks to publish high quality legal scholarship written by law students at King’s and other leading law schools across the globe. The Law Review publishes two issues per year.

Our publications are listed on HeinOnline and our website.

By Students, For Students

The KSLR is an exclusively student-run enterprise, with emphasis on improving academic writing and legal knowledge among students. As such, the KSLR aims to provide detailed feedback and comments towards the improvement of the articles received and considered for publication.

Open Access Policy

The full content of all articles published in the KSLR are available for free. Authors are thus able to reach a worldwide audience and this increases the quantity of freely available legal scholarship.

Strong Online Presence

The KSLR has an active presence on social networking platforms including Facebook and Twitter. The KSLR is also listed in the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies (IALS) Library Catalogue, King’s College London Library E-Journal Catalogue, Google Scholar, and the international legal research database HeinOnline.

The Current Editorial Board


Emily Ottley

Managing Editor

Charles Mak

Forum Managing Editor

Wendy Carazo Méndez

Forum Coordinating Editor

Senara Eggleton

Senior Outreach and Communications Officer

Tanvi Kusum

Senior Editors

Alicia Jones

Alicia Pastor y Camarasa

Angus Locke

Animesh Bordoloi

Ayse Sezgin

Ana Luisa Soares Peres

Ana Hallgarten La Casta

Cari Hyde-Vaamonde

Charles Mak

Darragh Sheehy

Emily Ottley

Felipe Tirado

Hannah Getachew

Harsh Mahaseth

Hasan Bülbül

Harsh Mahaseth

Huseyin Emre Sezgin

Irene Valones

Ismail Mutlu

Jeremy Letwin

Jingwen Guo

Laura Lo Coco

Laura Mai

Leigha Crout

Maja Nišević

Mara Wendebourg

Marianna Ryan

Mariasole Forlani

Mary Lowth

Melissa Ozer

Myriam Gicquello

Mustafa El-Mumin

Nurullah Gorgen

Param Nayankumar Pandya

Pitamber Yadav

Pouneh Ahari

Rebecca McKittrick

Roshni Menon

Senara Eggleton

Shahab Saqib

Shelley Leung

Shou Yu Chong

Syamantak Sen

Tasneem Ghazi

Vandita Khanna

Wendy Carazo Méndez

Proofreading Editors

Nafisa Ehsan

Roshni Menon

Nadia Mikail

Marta Reysner

Faye Mallett

Andreas Giannakopoulos

Aarvi Singh

Yasmin Liberman

Verner Paavola

Anoushka Chakrabaty

Aakanksha Buddhavarapu

Previous Management Board

Mary Lowth (Editor-in-Chief 2020-2022)

Nazanin Aslani (Editor-in-Chief 2018-2020)

Tasneem Ghazi (Managing Editor 2018 – 2020)

Alicia Jones (Managing Editor 2020-2021)

Angus Locke (Managing Editor 2020)

Justin Yang (Editor-in-Chief 2017-2018)


We are always open to applications from postgraduate students at King’s College, London, as we are your publication.

We usually open to external recruitment at the beginning of each academic year for the following positions:

  1. Senior Editors (Journal). Senior Editors are mainly research students, in keeping with our policy of offering peer review to submissions.
  2. Senior Editors (Forum). Senior Editors for the Forum includes students at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  3. Proofreading Editors (Journal and/or Forum).


Recruitment of editors other than those studying at King’s is closed for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Should you have any questions about the application process, please contact kslr.recruitment@gmail.com.

Contact Details

The KSLR team may also be contacted via Facebook, Twitter or by email: kclstudentlawreview@gmail.com.