Journal Partner Publications

1. The King’s Student Law Review’s First Joint Edition with Trinity College Law Review 

Inaugural Joint Publication on Constitutional Law

KSLR is thrilled to launch a special thematic edition on constitutional law with our partners, the Trinity College Law Review:

KSLR-TCLR Joint Issue I on Constitutional Law (2020)


Cian Henry – The Common Law, the Constitution, and Judicial Self-Identity: Constitutional Rights Adjudication in Ireland

Alex Powell – Miller/Cherry and the Justiciability of the Prerogative Powers

2. The King’s Student Law Review’s Joint Issue with Strife

Strife is a biannual, peer-reviewed academic publication created and managed by researchers from the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. As the two leading student-edited and peer-reviewed academic periodicals at King’s College London, the KSLR and Strife are pleased to announce the joint publication of a new edition under the overarching theme of ‘Law and War’. This joint edition is to be published on an annual basis.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our second joint edition:

KSLR- Strife Joint Issue II (2019)


Wendy Carazo Mendez – The Aim of Punishment in Post Conflict Situations

David Rubin – The Institutionalised Morality of War: Beyond Just-War Theory’s Law-Morality Dualism

Nathan C Kwan – Discredit upon the British Name and Rule: The Suppression of Piracy and History of International Law in the China Seas

David A Wagner – Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems & the Ethics of Robo-Killing: The Potential Effects of Intelligent Weapons on Jus Ad Bellum & Jus in Bello Compliance by States in Future Conflicts

Sotiris Paphitis – ‘Responsibility to Protect’: A Doctrine Dead at its Infancy?

Charles Brichet – The Potential Non-Application of Article 5 of the ECHR to Inter Partes International Armed Conflict following Hassan v the United Kingdom


KSLR- Strife Joint Issue I (2018)

Editorial on ‘Law and War’

Margot Tudor – ‘The Re-establishment of Satisfactory Conditions in the Congo’: Examining the UN’s Response to the Belgian Military Intervention in July 1960′

Fahrid Chishty – Reconfiguring the War Prerogative: How Executive-Legislative Tensions Continue to Determine, and Obscure, the Legal Basis on Which Armed Forces are Deployed to Overseas Conflicts under the UK Constitution

Richard W Miller – Rogue State is not ‘OK’:  A Critique of an American Usage

Ari Weil – The Challenges of Defining Terrorism in International Treaty Law

Amit Anand & Preethi Lolaksha Nagaven – Covert Drone Strikes and the Rules on Targeting: Obama’s Troubling Legacy

Tasneem Ghazi – Examining the Concept of Jihad: Closing the Disparity between Scriptural Meaning and Abuse 


3. The King’s Student Law Review’s Conference Issue in Partnership with Early Professionals/Academics Network of the Society of International Economic Law

On 30 and 31 May 2019, the 8th Conference of the Postgraduate and Early Professionals/Academics Network (PEPA) of the Society of International Economic Law (SIEL) took place in London, organised  in collaboration with the King’s College London Forum on International Dispute Resolution. This autumn, the KSLR published selected papers from this conference:

1 PEPA/SIEL KSLR Conference Edition (2019)


Frances Nwadike – A ‘Realist’ Perspective: Limitations to the Role of the WTO Members in Addressing Trade-Related Climate Change Concerns

Magali Favaretto Prieto FernandesThe Rise of ‘Regulatory Coherence’ in Brazil: From OECD Inspired Reforms to Foreign Trade Policy

Prince Uche Amadi – Redefining the Obligatory Contours of Human Rights in Bilateral Investment Treaties: A New Frontier for Investment Protection and Human Rights

Dáire McCormack-GeorgeTrade is War, and ‘War is Peace’: Reflections on International Economic Law in Challenging Times

Stephanie Papazoglou –‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of ISDS Reforms’: Rebalancing the System?

Suleyman Yasir Zorlu – The Effect of Third-Party Funding on Ordering Security for Costs in International Investment Law