The best YouTube channels to watch before studying Spanish

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Rebecca, a Philosophy and Spanish student at King’s.

This article by Rebecca talks through some of the best YouTube channels to watch if you’re hoping to study Spanish at University. Links are embedded, so feel free to click through to the channels and  videos mentioned!

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times: the best way to learn a language is immersion. Unfortunately for most of us, we can’t jet off to Spain whenever we feel like it (especially not right now!). So, in place of a city break in Madrid, I bring you some of my favourite YouTube channels to immerse yourself as much as possible before you start your degree.



Holly, having grown up in both the US and Mexico, is somewhat of a Spanish-speaking double-agent, making her the perfect guide for your Spanish studies. Adopting more of a ‘vlog’ style, she creates a variety of light-hearted yet informative content that highlights the differences between American and Mexican culture. The eclectic mix of videos – from lessons in pronunciation to personal anecdotes from her childhood – makes language learning super engaging. Be warned, she speaks rather quickly, and therefore I’d recommend this channel to those who are more confident in their Spanish ability.

While her videos are targeted more at beginners, presenter Ana brings a bubbly personality to the occasionally repetitive world of vocab. Armed with whiteboard and pen, she provides comprehensive vocabulary lists suited to any scenario – from getting drunk, to COVID-19. Butterfly Spanish is great for basic revision, as well as a quick vocab hit to liven up your day. If you learn well in a traditional classroom environment and find yourself feeling like you need a more diverse vocabulary under your belt, check this channel out!

Slightly more advanced than Butterfly Spanish is Spanishland School. It has a similar format to Butterfly Spanish, but more of an emphasis on listening comprehension; super useful if jumping straight into Spanish TV is beyond your current level! Andrea makes videos completely in Spanish, making for much better immersion. While she herself is Colombian, there are many videos which feature friends from across the world including Spain, Venezuela and Argentina.

  • FLAMA – Hispanic Cultures

FLAMA is an undoubtedly innovative channel which combines education with entertainment. While their videos are mainly in English, they explore many regional distinctions in accent and culture, which are essential if you want to really get to grips with the Spanish language. Spanish isn’t just Spain, after all! Most importantly, FLAMA’s takes on sensitive topics such as Latinx stereotypes and the ongoing crisis in Venezuela have hugely helped to educate white western audiences. I’d consider many videos on this channel to be essential viewing as a Spanish student, so I encourage you to take a look!

Sometimes, you really don’t want to sift through pages of El Diccionario de La Real Academia Española just to clarify a confusing grammar point. This is where The Spanish Dude comes in! His introduction speaks for itself: “Fast, easy Spanish lessons from someone who speaks your language.” Efficiently summarising those pesky distinctions between ‘ser’ and ‘estar’; ‘por’ and ‘para’; and the many, many uses of ‘se, The Spanish Dude is your one-stop shop for anything grammar related. While his accent is about as ‘gringo’ as it gets, the straightforward nature of this channel can’t be overstated if what you need is to quickly understand Spanish grammar points as an English speaker.

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