Top 5 Things I Love about Studying German at King’s

Laura studies an undergraduate German course

The variety of modules

When you study German at King’s, you don’t just study the German language, but you also learn about the culture, politics and history of the country. I have taken a range of modules from the German Reformation to German popular culture in the 20th century. In your first year, you will take a module called ‘Texts and Contexts’ where you will study pieces of literature from the medieval period right up to the fall of the Berlin Wall. This module is useful in providing you with an insight into lots of different topics, and gives you the opportunity to academically delve into what you enjoy studying. 

The friendly department

Lectures and seminar group sizes are fairly small which creates a welcoming learning environment and provides the opportunity for you to meet and get to know your peers. In addition, the department lecturers are also very friendly and easy to approach!

The Königspost Newspaper

In the German Department, we are lucky enough to have Königspost – a German language student newspaper. Any students have the chance to take part and write articles, and the final year students take on the editing and publishing of the newspaper twice a year. Even if you don’t want to get involved, you can still read the finished products with articles all about the German language, culture and photos from Year Abroad students.  

Career Options

With a German degree, the options for a career are endless. If you ever need any advice about careers or CVs, you can head to the King’s Career centre. Lecturers or your personal tutor will also be able to put you in touch with past students if that interests you. Your year abroad is a really useful opportunity to take part in an internship or to work as an English assistant in a German school, which give you a real insight into working-life in Germany. 

German Society

Whether you are a German native, German language student or just have an interest in the country, you can join the German Society! The society is a great way to meet others who share a love for Germany and can also be a chance to practise your language skills. The society hosts many events, such as a Kuchen and Kuchen event, quizzes and events for Oktoberfest. Plus, they also host some talks given by academics on topics including German history and politics.  


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