The Königspost German Newspaper

Read the Königspost Frühling 2020 here.

The Königspost is a German-language newspaper written and edited by students from the German Department. It appears twice a year and each issue covers a wide range of topics – from news and current affairs to fashion, music and sport. Members of the editorial team often go on to successful careers in journalism, publishing and marketing. You can read the Königspost Frühling 2020 here.

The newspaper has been a longtime publication created through the King’s German Department and students from any year group or department with any level of German can submit articles for publication. Beyond written articles, the newspaper also features artwork and photographs from students across the university.

Getting involved in editing and writing for the Königspost allows students to develop a wide range of skills, including: communication, project-management, teamwork, and leadership.

To learn more about joining the editorial team, or writing and submitting an article, check out the Königspost Facebook Page.


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