A Day in the Life of a Digital Humanities MA Student

Being a graduate student in London is definitely a very unique and fun experience, especially for someone like me who is an international student and isn’t used to living in such a big city.

Classes for the DH MA are located at the Strand Campus which means its right near the Thames and a few minutes walk from Temple Station. In the morning, I prefer to take the tube (It’s slightly faster and more consistent than the buses for me), but buses are also great for actually seeing the city as you travel (and you can get phone service). 

For the full-time MA program there are generally 6 classes over 2 semesters, which for me was split to 3 classes each semester. Classes take 1-2 hours and there’s a seminar for each class that allows for discussion and group work. I really enjoyed the seminars and the chance to really talk to my classmates and teachers, and they’re really helpful for preparing for assessments and your dissertation. There are also other events throughout the year like social events, workshops, and presentations that are very interesting. 

A lot of time is dedicated to do readings, group projects, and working on assessments or dissertations, so staying on campus between or after classes can be useful. Finding places around campus to sit and study can be a little difficult, but there are lots of nooks and crannies if you can find them. Some people love the Maughan Library which is pretty close to Strand, I personally like finding places in the King’s Building or studying in the Digital Humanities area (Macadam Building Floor -1) which has both couches and places to charge my laptop (If you get really desperate, there are charging stations around campus where you can plug in your device for 30 min for free).

There are plenty of cafes around campus, and tons of places to eat within a 20 minute walk that satisfy a very wide range of cravings. To save money, I pack a lunch, and the microwaves around campus are extremely useful. Also, if you’re not used to the UK, most grocery stores and some cafes have meal deals which allow you to get a main item, snack, and drink for a few pounds!

After classes I enjoy spending time with friends, and our major is extremely international so we enjoy going to do a lot of the touristy type things and seeing the sights. My favorite thing to do is go to museums, and there are several very close to campus, or in quick reach by tube. The Courtauld, which is hooked to our campus, even lets KCL students in for free so don’t forget to ask for student discounts when you can. I also love exploring the wide array of parks and nature areas around the city (when it’s not too windy and rainy) so take advantage of that whenever the weather is nice. 

Enjoy KCL and exploring London, there’s something for everyone!

Written by Katelynn Bayley

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