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The King’s College London Music Society (KCLMS) is the central hub of music-making at King’s. The society comprises of three flagship ensembles: the Sinfonietta, Camerata and Wind Orchestra, as well as a newly-formed chamber choir and a selection of chamber ensemble groups.  There are also weekly open workshops for piano and composition.


The Camerata represents King’s flagship string ensemble and have held concerts at St Giles’ Cripplegate and the College Chapel. They play a variety of repertoire, most recently accompanying the King’s College Opera Society’s production of Henry Purcell’s ‘Dido and Aeneas’.

Wind Orchestra

The Wind Orchestra represents King’s flagship wind ensemble, open to all advanced woodwind, brass and percussion players. They recently performed a concert at the Bush House Auditorium, featuring KCLMS’ Flute choir.

King’s College London Wind Orchestra Concert, Dec 2023

Piano Workshops

Piano workshops run every other Thursday evening on the Strand Campus and provide an opportunity for pianists of all abilities to meet and workshop many skills that are required in a modern pianist.  Workshops with professionals will also take place, providing the opportunity to learn about extended techniques and other piano related abilities relevant for all enthusiastic in the piano.

Composition workshops

Composition workshops give attendees the chance to learn, develop, and discuss technical and expressive elements of composition with fellow composers. Workshops are welcome to all who are passionate in exploring a variety of (but not limited to) 20th and 21st century compositional styles, ranging from neoclassicism and New Complexity, to film music, orchestration and ludomusicology, and are recommended for those taking composition as part of their academic studies. Members will have the opportunity to have their compositions performed in an end of year concert with the Camerata or Sinfonietta.

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir is an auditioned student-run vocal ensemble. A friendly and inclusive group of singers, the choir rehearses and performs secular and sacred works to a high standard.

KCLMS offers a multitude of ensembles and workshops, catering to both music enthusiasts and well-established musicians alike. However, what makes KCLMS unique is that lesser known, historically discriminated and otherwise ‘forgotten’ composers are explored, and music rarely played in Symphony Orchestras are performed with the Camerata or Sinfonietta, various string quartets and chamber groups within KCLMS. Lunchtime recitals are common and also offer a relaxed opportunity to perform repertoire.

It is worth mentioning that this blog showcased some of the more popular groups and is not an exhaustive list, and that it is easy to form your own chamber group! You can find out more about music societies via the KCLSU website. 

Written By Sunny Duan, 3rd Year Music




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