Why I chose to study Global Media Industries MA

Hello, my name is Snigdha Manimoole and,  I am currently doing my Masters in Global Media Industries. Media has been playing a huge role in everybody’s life, including mine for quite some time. I remember being interested in media, and its different forms, which included television, newspapers, books, and social media. So, I knew I would love to do something related to media, which made me apply for an MA in Global Media Industries. The main reason I picked MA in Global Media Industries is the wide range of modules the course offers ranging from Entertainment Media to Culture Media and Immersive Module. The courses in Culture, Media, and Creative Industries are designed in a way that aligns with the traditional part and also the fast ever-changing part of the Culture and Media field. Kings College London is located in Central London with many TV, film, and other media industries just around the corner, which could help me in networking with people from the media industry.


There were a few reasons why I picked Kings Collage London, mainly because of the stronghold KCL is said to have in the humanities subjects and the reputation the college holds internationally. KCL even has a wide range of clubs which you could be a part of as I am a part of the Indian Society which holds many events during the festival time and also recently hosted the screeining of the World Cup Matches, and I am also a part of the Film Society which holds screenings of many movies and also talks by people from the film industry.


I am writing this blog in my second semester, and I am very glad to have picked my course because of the things the course and the vibrant atmosphere Kings College London offers which has helped me thrive.

Written By Snigdha, MA Global Media Industries





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