The Best YouTube Channels to Watch Before Studying Philosophy

There’s no doubt that the jump from A-levels to university can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Luckily, the internet exists to support you every step of the way.  Here are some of my favourite YouTube channels that helped my transition into higher education – and will hopefully help yours too!

Rebecca, A Philosophy and Spanish student at King’s.

1.  CrashCourse 

CrashCourse is a classroom staple. While its content isn’t exclusively philosophy-related, its Crash Course Philosophy series provides an accessible yet extensive introduction to many of the key ideasHigh-quality animations and pop culture references (the likes of which include Batman and Leonardo DiCaprio) keep abstract concepts fun and engaging. Whether this is your first real foray into the world of philosophy prior to your degree, or you’re simply revising key concepts from A-level, this channel offers the perfect pre-degree level of study.  

2. The School of Life 

Founded by renowned writer/philosopher Alain De Botton, The School of Life offers a practical perspective on philosophy. The channel takes a sort of ‘self-help’ approach similar to that of De Botton’s own writings, with popular videos including How Not To Be Boring’ and How To Get Over Someone.’ While unconventional, The School of Life’s greatest success is demystifying the often gatekept and admittedly pretentious sides of philosophy. A great place to start if you’re intimidated by hundred-year-old books written in Latin by bearded old men. 

3. Philosophy Tube 

If you’re into politics, Philosophy Tube is the channel for you. Presenter Abigail Thorn produces videos which are always topical and increasingly theatricalideal if you’ve ever wanted a vampire to explain imperialism to youThe channel tackles a vast array of pressing themes such as fascism and climate change in an unpatronizing, and often rather funny, way. Similar to The School of Life, Philosophy Tube highlights the real world implications of philosophy. So, if you’re ever unsure why studying philosophy is so important, I’d hugely recommend checking out this channel. 


 This one’s definitely for those of you familiar with more advanced philosophical conceptsone which I personally use as a supplement alongside my degree. Perfect for when you haven’t quite understood a complex idea in a lecture, has been a godsend during my logic modules – elementary logic is a compulsory first year module for single honours philosophy! Of course, there are many general introductory videos, too, but this channel’s forte is its attention to detail. If you have a burning question about a more specific philosophical idea, this is the place to go! 

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