Career options with an Arts and Humanities degree

Huan Yao, Digital Asset and Media Management MA student

Hey! I’m Huan, and I’m studying Digital Asset & Media Management MA at King’s College London. Now, I’m going to tell you about some of the career options with an Arts & Humanities degree.

With an Arts & Humanities degree, I find I have learned plenty of transferable skills that can help me in the search for  jobs in different industries, such as marketing, journalism and design. For example, I learned how to manage digital assets in a scientific way. In addition, I also learned how to write an adoptable marketing report in a Digital Marketing module. I also have chosen two design-related courses. They are User-Centered Research and Understanding Human-Computer Interaction Design. These two courses developed me some skills that were not available during my undergraduate studies in Visual Design, such as quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as human-computer interaction principle. These skills can help me gain an advantage in the career market.

Example of User Interaction Design

In terms of my future employment tendency, I want to be a user interaction designer when I graduate because I’m keen to interact with consumers and I hope to make the world a better through creative and intuitive digital design. A good design is inseparable from consumer research. Therefore, User Research is very important to me. Secondly, when designing a product, the designer needs to promote the design through an appropriate marketing strategy, so this is why I have a great passion for marketing.

King’s has also helped us a lot in terms of employment choices. Firstly, we often receive job application emails from the Department of Digital Humanities, which include recent career events, job opportunities, and alumni meetups. These are very useful resources and I often search for internships and full-time jobs on Kings’s career website. In addition, the career event is also very useful because King’s invites some alumni who have worked in some relevant industries to share their job search experience and industry insights. For example, I attended a marketing industry insight event at semester one and I met some seniors from my department. At this event, one of the seniors who is the head of marketing in the company shared the future trends and opportunities of the marketing industry. The younger senior who just entered the workplace shared tips of interview marketing jobs and career paths. Another senior explained in great detail what the marketing cooperator should do. By the way, she mentioned that writing ability is important!

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