5 things I love about Digital Asset & Media Management MA

Huan Yao, Digital Asset and Media Management MA student

1. Interesting Seminar Projects

As a student in Digital Asset and Media Management, we usually arrange 1-2 projects on digital asset management in seminars every semester. These projects are very interesting. For example, we just completed a Museum of London Taxonomy Project. In this project, we were encouraged by the lecturer to visit the London Museum as a team and then conduct taxonomy research based on what we found. More importantly, one of our guest lecturers, Theresa Regli, also did the same project alongside us. After we submitted the report, we also learned what Theresa had done based on her expertise. All in all, this is an excellent learning opportunity!

Museum of London

Another upcoming project is “My London”, with the aim of promoting tourism in London. This project encourages you to visit several famous districts in London and take some photos and videos. The digital assets produced (photos and videos) will be stored in the DAM system. These projects are exciting as it motivates us to get out of the dormitory, to experience what London has to offer, and complete the project based on our creative thinking. I believe this is a valuable form of experiential learning.


2. Diversity Culture Events

Our course leader Brian likes to invite us to attend events. The first free event we attended was the Tate Lates event, which is an event in cooperation with Uniqlo. It was my first time visiting the Tate Modern, which is a great contemporary museum. This event provided a great opportunity to network and have meaningful conversations with Brian, and it was a pleasant evening. The second is an upcoming orchestral concert, and Brian got a discount for us, so we can enjoy the concert with affordable tickets! I’m looking forward to this!

Tate Modern

3. Transferable Skills

In this course, I have learned a lot of practical skills that can continue to help me in my future career path. For example, every seminar project involves a group presentation. Presentations have helped me improve my spoken English. Practising for presentations has made me more confident than before. In addition to this, our professors are very enthusiastic and respond to emails in a timely manner, which encourages me to communicate with the teachers more. Through my communication with the teachers via e-mail, I have learned British “e-mail culture”, including e-mail writing formats, the use of formal language and so on.

4. Teachers

I am a big fan of Brian. He is a knowledgeable and humorous teacher. He is also a very polite teacher. For example, I remember once in an optional module where he was invited to participate as a project client, he shut the door and walked in very quietly. If I wasn’t watching him, I wouldn’t know that he came in. To me, he is a teacher who respects others and deserves respect as well. In addition, our professional seminar teachers are also very enthusiastic during classes. Most of them are King’s doctoral students, so it is always easy to talk to them and get the information we want.

5. Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are very important in my view, because we also need to understand this course from the perspective of the industry. Our professional guest speakers include the head of the King’s archive and the head of the IT industry. In particular, Theresa Regli is a regular guest speaker in this course. She is a leader in the field of digital asset management. She has written a professional book called “Digital and Marketing Asset Management”. Apart from that, she is also a very independent and intelligent woman, and is always happy to talk to students and even become friends with us. In short, I think the guest speakers we have invited have been outstanding. Would you like to listen in? Join us!

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