A day in the life of a Digital Humanities student

Covent Garden piazza
Written by Huan, Digital Humanities MA

Hello! My name is Huan, I’m one of MA students from the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London. I live in Angel Lane which is a wonderful Kings’ student accommodation.

Here is my “One day with me” Vlog. If you are interested, please click the link below:


Usually, I wake up at 7:30 am, and I will take 10 minutes to prepare breakfast. Then, I try to go out before 8:20 so that I can come to the classroom on time to attend my lecture at 9:00.

Fried chicken, On The Bab

My next lecture is 14:00, and a seminar that follows will end at 16:00. During these four hours in between, I usually go to Covent Garden near King’s. There are many restaurants there, including Korean and brunch places, and I will usually have lunch there. I highly recommend a Korean restaurant called “On the Bab”, which is affordable, and the fried chicken is very delicious. However, this restaurant usually starts to line up at 12 noon, so I recommended that students who want to have lunch there should go early.

After lunch, If the weather is good, I usually will go around the garden, enjoying the sunshine and visiting some interesting shops.

Teachers and my teammates in User-Centered Research course

At about 1:30, I would start walking back to Uni, find a classroom and start preparing for lecture. This is an optional module of Department of Digital Humanities, called User-Centered Research. I chose this module because I want to be a User Experience Designer and am liking it very much. I have learned a lot in this module so far, and the module convenor is very rigorous and responsible. They will communicate with us and check that our project is progressing smoothly according to the timeline. In particular, the seminar of this course is two hours, which gives us more time to practice methods of qualitative research and to discuss appropriate research methods with teachers together.


After class at four o’clock, London has already ushered in the sunset in winter. I will never forget the sunset I saw when I walked out of the Bush House that day. It’s really golden, so beautiful. After seeing such a beautiful scenery, I was curious what the London Eye accompanying the sunset would look like. So I walked to Waterloo Bridge, and the picture below was what I saw.

Sunset on Waterloo Bridge

When I go home from Waterloo Bridge, I will go to Waterloo station and take the Jubilee line. This is also very convenient, because the last station of this subway line is Stratford station, only a 3-minute walk from my accommodation. I highly recommend my accommodation Angel Lane – first, many underground lines can be reached. Secondly, walking home from the underground station is very close. Thirdly, there is a big shopping mall called Westfield and the Stratford shopping centre nearby. After I get home, I usually start preparing my dinner and chatting with my friends in the kitchen. Having my own time is a wonderful thing too!

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