5 Reasons Why I Love to Study Philosophy at King’s

Philosophy is a broad subject that encompasses all aspects of our lives. For me, all it took was studying at King’s to reveal the debates which are intertwined through everything we do. Not only has studying Philosophy helped me to interact with the world, but throughout the course I am challenging my ideals, engaging in critical thinking and developing my written argument skills. I’d now like to talk a little about why I chose to study Philosophy!


Louis is a second year Philosophy student

Transferability & Employability  

The brilliant thing about Philosophy is that it’s fully transferable to any subject. The skills behind the material that you develop at King’s are highly sought after in the business world. Not only will studying at King’s help mature your employability, but the time you’re at King’s will be enriched with new experiences; meeting new people, studying under world-class lecturers who care and invest into their subject, as well as a chance to explore the diverse heart of London. 

The Lecturers 

The lecturers research-focused nature provides you with the cutting edge of philosophical arguments. You’ll get a chance to interact with them in lectures and seminars, as well as lecturers making time to discuss your ideas and support your learning in more depth during Office Hours. This type of interaction is not only beneficial to your education, but is a key component of success at King’s.

Writing in Philosophy 

While essay writing may seem tedious, at King’s once you grasp a topic, you are able to engage with it and explore alternative solutions in your writing to tough questions about ethics, our own knowledge, or the beauty in art, to name a few examples. After you have developed your view on a position, writing becomes an enjoyable experience, an opportunity to give your own opinion, and have it heard and recognised as a legitimate solution to the problem at hand. The supportive and numerous opportunities to do this is central to the approach of the King’s Philosophy Department.

The Material and Classes  

The KingPhilosophy Department covers a diverse range of subject areas; from Ancient Greek to Modern and Contemporary debates on epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and so much more. There is something for everyone to get involved in, developing your ideas, solutions and critiques of the material. Philosophy lectures provide a chance to engage with the material at a high level and heavily supports the assigned readings. Theyre also a great opportunity to meet people from different Arts & Humanities departments, as people on other courses often take Philosophy modules. In seminars, the smaller and more intimate-sized classes provide a safe environment to develop ideas on the material.

Philosophical understanding enhances our debates and arguments

The Building 

The department itself is a wonderful assortment of buildings, and is special to the faculty. The classrooms are intimate and warming, with a break room where you can meet with people to discuss ideas or get help. Youd never guess the expertise that hides behind these buildings! In the break room, events are listed for those who want to get involved with extra-curricular activities by experts in their fields. 

Last Words 

King’s Philosophy has provided me with such exciting opportunities, and I’ve met so many interesting people that I quickly became friends with! I definitely recommend this course, for growing my love for the subject and developing my employability and personal character.


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