The best Netflix shows to watch before studying a Spanish degree

Hal studies History & Modern Languages (Spanish) BA at King’s

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced Spanish speaker, watching films and TV shows, and listening to music is a great way of familiarising yourself with the sound of the language, or perhaps brushing up on what you already know. Getting used to hearing the language that you are learning is also a great way to help you with your listening exam. Here are some of the best Netflix Spanish shows which I have watched and must share with you, all of which have available English subtitles.



Élite is a Spanish show which was very popular around the world, including in the UK. There are currently three seasons available on Netflix, with the fourth yet to be released. The show tells the story of the events that unravel when three working-class teens enrol in an exclusive private school in Spain. The clash between them and the wealthy students leads to lots of drama, suspense, romance and even murder. With a fantastic cast and a great storyline, the show encompasses many societal issues and has aspects which can appeal to everyone. It is definitely not one to be missed!



La Casa de las Flores 

La Casa de las Flores (House of Flowers), is a Mexican comedy drama that depicts the life of a dysfunctional upper-class family who own both a florist and a cabaret. The show has three seasons, with the third and final having aired in early 2020. The show portrays elements of ethnicity, class, sexuality and morality in modern-day Mexico and has been very well received. With a great cast, who are renowned in Mexico, the show is a funny dark comedy which also addresses important issues in society, such as transphobia and homophobia. This is certainly one to add to your list!



Las Chicas del Cable 

Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls) is another popular series, both in the UK and across the world. The show has six seasons, with the final two having aired in 2020. Set in 1920s Madrid, it follows the lives of four ladies working at a telecommunications company who become friends. The ladies all experience various personal issues and deal with living in a male dominated society that restricts the rights of Spanish women. With an incredible cast, the show has a great amount of drama, conflict and romance and certainly keeps you on your toes. I cannot recommend it enough!




100 días para enamorarnos  

100 días para enamorarnos (100 days to fall in love) is an American comedy drama that aired in 2020. It currently has one season, with a second in the making. The show revolves around two best friends, one of which who decides to end her marriage, and the other who agrees to separate from her husband for 100 days. The show depicts the journey that they then embark on, after making a life changing decision, with their friends, children and respective lovers. Again, this show has an amazing cast and is certainly full of drama and romance. It has to be one of my favourites, and I cannot wait for the second season!


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