Meet our Theology and Religious Studies department

By Faith Evans,
Theology, Religion and Culture BA student

The Department of Theology & Religious Studies (TRS) has a series of three versatile degrees.

These are Theology, Religion & Culture BA, Religion, Politics & Society BA and Religion, Philosophy & Ethics BA.

Theology & Religion underpins so many other disciplines as well as analysing some of life’s biggest questions asked repeatedly throughout time and from various cultures across the globe.  But in order for a TRS degree to fulfil these capabilities, it helps to explore it within a multidisciplinary department, with focused and diverse research from leading academics as well as with a true immersive insight into the culture being studied – this is where King’s College London comes in.

King’s has extensive facilities in the very heart of London – we are nine minutes away from St Paul’s Cathedral and within thirty minutes from London Central Mosque and Central Gurdwara. Being at the centre of a multicultural society allows me to put my readings and lectures into context.

One of the most important aspects of our department are the lecturers themselves. They allow you to explore complex topics and encourage everyone to form their own interpretations. This is further supplemented by exclusive access to sources and libraries – the theological concepts are endless!

You can study and read in the historic Maughan Library

Having graduate teaching assistants within the department also enhances our experience, as you get even more academic perspectives on concepts and ideologies.

International research is a standout element of our King’s TRS department. Research covers areas from religion in Eastern Asia to Jewish studies to religion in the arts and everything in between! This research informs responses to current global issues, so you can really see how TRS is impacting and making a difference in our world today.

So , in the department, these are the three degree options available:

  1. Theology, Religion & Culture BA
  2. Religion, Politics & Society BA
  3. Religion, Philosophy & Ethics BA

Even once you have chosen your degree, you can still take modules from other areas, meaning you can shape the degree as you please.

For me, one of the most compelling reasons for choosing King’s was the knowledge that I would be able to cover such a vast range of topics, covering the disciplines of philosophy, biblical studies, theology and social sciences all within my degree.

To be able to do all this within our own environment in the centre of London is an added bonus. Having a floor full of lecturers’ offices for any queries, group study spaces and reading rooms as well as a common room and kitchen really does make it an inclusive space. A space in which you can feel welcome and motivated to explore life’s big questions across religion.

This swift run through of the department of Theology and Religious Studies at King’s gives you just a taster of what our department is like. Being in the top 10 for Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies in the UK (QS World Rankings by Subject 2018) reflects just how fantastic our department is at what it does. Constantly encouraging, engaging inclusive debates to help make a truly exciting university experience, in the heart of a multicultural society that fuels what we study.

You can read more about life as a King’s student in this blog post: Life on campus at King’s College London.

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