Life on campus at King’s College London

I’m Nikita – a 2nd year English BA student here at King’s. In this blog, I am going to show you our beautiful Strand campus!

In the heart of London, Strand Campus can be your personal photo booth between lectures and seminars. It’s a great place to document your student life and collect photographs for albums or for your Instagram. Despite the grandeur of this city campus, the university really feels like home and it is easy to settle in. In fact, exploring the campus is a great way to meet other students and make new friends. Studying at Strand is a treat, and your camera will love it as much as you!

View from Waterloo Bridge, on my way to campus.

The view from the bridge

You can spot the mint-coloured dome of Somerset House from a mile away as you cross Waterloo bridge on your way to King’s College London. Located on the banks of the river Thames, Strand campus offers a picturesque location – where you can immerse yourself in London’s architectural and cultural beauty. From the bridge, if you look east can see all the way to the City (and Canary Wharf on a clear day) and to the west is the London Eye and Houses of Parliament.



King’s Building entrance, Strand campus


Our campus

The campus is spread across close-knit buildings on the north bank and is home to the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, King’s Business School and the Modern Language Centre amongst others.





Quad, Strand campus
Reading in Somerset House courtyard.


The Quad

On a typical day, you will find the campus bustling with activity in The Quad — which houses a human size chess board and King’s own coffee truck. In the sun, students relax with books on terraces that offer panoramic views of London. There are lots of things you can do – have a look at what we really like to do on Strand campus.




Royal Courts of Justice

The heart of the city

Studying here means an everyday walk around some of the city’s most iconic (and several secret) spots including The Royal Courts of Justice on Fleet Street and The Old Curiosity Shop which is just behind our Virginia Woolf Building. There are lots of quirky places to explore in the surrounding area.




Maughan Library
Round Reading Room in Maughan Library – a great place to study!

Maughan Library

The Maughan Library has an old-world charm about it. While it’s a brilliant place to read and catch up on work, there is enough opportunity to relax in a cosy spot, unwind and watch the clouds shape-shift.


Bush House

Bush House is King’s newest addition to the Strand campus. The building previously headquartered the BBC and is now a busy part of life at King’s. It has some of our favourite cafes, common rooms and lecture theatres – and the Student Union.





Christmas at Somerset House.

Festive feels

Come November, the campus is filled with Christmas decorations. There is a lot to do and a lot to see, especially if you’re geared with your camera! Being right next to Somerset house means a great view of the huge tree and the beautiful skating rink.


London’s blue skies make everything a little bit more photographic.  There’s always something around the corner to inspire or surprise you.

If you are looking for more places around London to explore, check out some alternative places to visit in town

The view at sunset from the Bush House terrace.

If you are looking for more places around London to explore, check out some alternative places to visit in town

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