My review of King’s Student Union

The Vault
By Ellie –
a History student

King’s Student Union can be found in the historic Bush House. The building has always played an important global role, first being used as an international trade centre from 1919, before becoming home to the BBC World Service in 1944. Now it plays host to sleepy students cramming, eating or napping between classes.

The international past makes Bush House ideal for the Student Union, as students from across the globe socialise within its walls.

It’s the perfect place to kill a few free hours, so if you fancy stopping by, here’s my review of the best spots in Bush House:

Some tasty treats available at The Shack

The Shack Café

In desperate need of some caffeine? The Shack is the perfect place to get a pre-lecture jolt. Located on the ground floor of Bush House, you can watch the world go by as you tuck into a sandwich. Or if you’re feeling competitive there’s ping pong and table football, so why not take on your friends? The number one selling point is the prices. There are few other places around the Strand campus where you can get such a cheap decent cup of coffee – it’s £1 for an expresso or £1.30 for an americano. It’s no Pret-a-Manger, but on a student budget it’s a great alternative.

The Lower Loft

The Lower Loft has fast become my favourite study space on the Strand campus. If you dislike the absolute silence of the library but find cafes too noisy to work in, it’s a good middle ground. It makes a great place to study with friends, as you can switch between chatting quietly and getting work done. The only downfall is that it’s always very busy and there’s limited seating. However, if you get there at around 10 minutes to the hour, when people are leaving for lectures, you might even be able to grab one of the cosy booths.

The Upper Loft

Fancy a nap in between lectures? Get comfy on one of the bean bags in the Upper Loft and you might just drift off. The Meadow in the Upper Loft is great for chilling and chatting. Although the faux grass benches aren’t quite as comfortable as the bean bags, the open plan design of the room creates a great relaxing vibe.

The Vault Bar

Three words: Red Card Wednesdays. Wednesday is sports night and is usually when the Vault is at its liveliest. Think great student tunes, cheap drinks and sticky floors. If you want more of a student community night out, where you bump into loads of people you know, then the Vault is the place to go. Or if club nights aren’t for you, head down to the Vault in the day for lunch. They offer a wide range of options, including vegan chicken nuggets and vegetarian tacos. Personally, I recommend indulging on the curly fries (only £2.10).

My verdict

The Student Union is the perfect student social space. It’s modern, lively and affordable. Just be careful that you don’t that you lose track of time and miss your classes!

For more information about how to fill your time in between classes check out: Things to do around the Strand Campus.

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